July 23, 2009

From a seed

A few months ago, around April I believe, Hayley brought home a pot containing a sprout from a sunflower seed she had planted in class at Preschool. That week they were focusing on plants, flowers and how things grow. Every child started out with a sunflower seed in their pot and took care of it till it was big enough to take home and plant. Hayley and I planted the sprout a couple days later. I told her then it would grow to be taller than her before it bloomed. I don't think she was very convinced because it was around 8 inches tall as the time. She just had to make sure we kept it watered so that it would grow. She checked on her plant throughout these past few months, waiting for its height to surpass her own. Now it is nearly a foot taller than Hayley; I am barely taller than the sunflower now. A day or two ago, Hayley's sunflower bloomed. She was very proud of her sunflower.

July 22, 2009


At least that's what Hayley tells me, every time I finish a guitar hero song. Her and Ryan are my personal cheer squad - and I am their personal guitar hero.

Apparently, I blow them away with my awesome talent of playing fake guitar - as they enthusiastically applaud me with standing ovations, fervent fist pumping, and shouts of praise and adoration.

When I miss a few too many notes and get boo'ed off the stage though, my cheer squad turns into a heckling crowd - as Hayley rails with me cries of "Daddy, YOU LOST! - you need to practice more at this game!", while Ryan wails "Ooooohh, NOOO!" and looks at me accusingly. All the more reason to keep playing and try again, I suppose. After all, I'd hate to disappoint my biggest fans.

All I have to say is - while I grudgingly and modestly have to admit that I do, indeed, ROCK! - it's Guitar Hero itself that rocks, because it's a great way to keep the kids entertained and out of trouble. Oh yeah, and I get an excuse to play a video game while I'm "watching the kids" :)


Hello everyone. I hope this finds everyone doing well and enjoying their summer. Yes, I know that I've been slacking on photos, updates, etc. I am hardly on MySpace anymore and I figured that it would be easier to maintain a blog here since I also have one for my photography. Where to begin?

Everything is going well, Jonas is still working hard at Microsoft. Hard to believe that we've been up in Washington for over three years now! I began a part time job at Babies R' Us. I work in furniture and I am really enjoying it. I am still doing my photography when I have the opportunity and hope to take some classes in the next year. Jonas and I celebrated our 7th anniversary a couple months ago. My mom was in town, so we got to enjoy a night out at the Melting Pot. To many more happy years!

As for Hayley, in a little over two weeks she will be celebrating her 5th birthday. I still can't believe that 5 years have gone by so quickly. She'll be off to kindergarten a month after her birthday. Hayley is definitely ready for kindergarten, she loves books, puzzles and is eager to learn. Earlier this summer Hayley had her adenoids removed to hopefully keep her from getting so sick this winter. It seems like last fall and winter she was constantly home from school with sinus infections. Her adenoids were very prominent and were causing a narrowing of her airway. The real test will come this winter and once school begins. Right now, swimming lessons have been keeping her busy. It was a bit of a rough start, she had a bad experience in a neighbor's pool, but she's learning to overcome her fear and learning that the water is fun as long as you're safe. She looks forward to them every morning and always has her bathing suit on a few hours before we need to leave. Once school starts, we may start dance again, but we're also talking about gymnastics. I will leave that up to her once it's time to make a decision.

And little miss Ryan is getting so big, petite, but with big attitude. She still weighs less than 22 pounds at 22 months, but she's totally healthy. Ryan is out of her crib and sleeping in a toddler bed, it's a little rough, at times, but hopefully she'll fall into a routine soon. She can count to 10 and is working on her ABC's. She knows all her body parts and loves to chit chat. We're not always sure what it is that she's saying, but she likes to be heard. One thing that amazes me about Ryan is her appetite. She likes almost anything. One of her favorite things to eat is edamame, every time we visit Dana at work she sees it on the conveyor belt and says; "MINE!" By the end of next month she'll be 2!! We've decided to skip a birthday party for her and take a family mini-vacation to the beach. We're going down to Long Beach, Wa the end of next month. Hopefully the weather will still be sunny and warm so we can really enjoy our few days at the beach!

That about wraps everything up for now! I plan on keeping up with this blog and not going so long in between to update everyone. I plan to skip the email update, so please check this blog! Again, I hope this finds you all well, Take care, God Bless!

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