July 23, 2009

From a seed

A few months ago, around April I believe, Hayley brought home a pot containing a sprout from a sunflower seed she had planted in class at Preschool. That week they were focusing on plants, flowers and how things grow. Every child started out with a sunflower seed in their pot and took care of it till it was big enough to take home and plant. Hayley and I planted the sprout a couple days later. I told her then it would grow to be taller than her before it bloomed. I don't think she was very convinced because it was around 8 inches tall as the time. She just had to make sure we kept it watered so that it would grow. She checked on her plant throughout these past few months, waiting for its height to surpass her own. Now it is nearly a foot taller than Hayley; I am barely taller than the sunflower now. A day or two ago, Hayley's sunflower bloomed. She was very proud of her sunflower.

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