July 22, 2009


At least that's what Hayley tells me, every time I finish a guitar hero song. Her and Ryan are my personal cheer squad - and I am their personal guitar hero.

Apparently, I blow them away with my awesome talent of playing fake guitar - as they enthusiastically applaud me with standing ovations, fervent fist pumping, and shouts of praise and adoration.

When I miss a few too many notes and get boo'ed off the stage though, my cheer squad turns into a heckling crowd - as Hayley rails with me cries of "Daddy, YOU LOST! - you need to practice more at this game!", while Ryan wails "Ooooohh, NOOO!" and looks at me accusingly. All the more reason to keep playing and try again, I suppose. After all, I'd hate to disappoint my biggest fans.

All I have to say is - while I grudgingly and modestly have to admit that I do, indeed, ROCK! - it's Guitar Hero itself that rocks, because it's a great way to keep the kids entertained and out of trouble. Oh yeah, and I get an excuse to play a video game while I'm "watching the kids" :)

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