August 11, 2009

A Tea Party for Hayley

Last Saturday we celebrated Hayley's 5th birthday by having a tea party with a few of her friends. There's a local tea room in town called Attic Secrets that we frequent, so we decided to have her party there this year. Hayley loves to go there and wear a flowery hat and enjoy turkey tea sandwiches, caramel tea and cookies. It always fun to go there and spend that time together.

So, for her party we made flowery hats, bought pearl Mardi Gras beads, bracelets, rings and purple feather boas. All of her friends came in party dresses ready for their tea party. Hayley had a wonderful time with all her little girl friends and was very thankful for all the gifts she received. She even received her first Barbie doll! She never showed much of an interest in Barbies, so I never bought her any. Well, that will end because she loves them now. It was really fun to watch all the girls enjoying their tea and lunch.

Hayley told me that it was the "best party ever!"

Hard to believe that it's been five years since Hayley came into my life, but I said it then and still say it now. She's one of the best things I've ever done in my life. Happy Birthday baby!

Venue: Attic Secrets

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Joe and Alexis Unnerstall said...

How neat!! That's a wonderful memory she'll have for a long time!! I especially love the picture of Jonas! All the little bags and hats were so neat!! Awesome job!

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