September 21, 2009


Only 8 school days into kindergarten and Hayley is loving it. She is doing really well so far and looks forward to going each day. She's even a little disappointed on weekends when there isn't any school. In Kindergarten there is this thing called a Super-Bee, actually there are three of them for each class. Each day, the teacher gives three students from the class a Super-Bee to take home for the evening. Those students receive a bee for "super bee-havior." In other words, for being kind, careful and caring at school. This was the first day of the school year that the super-bees were sent home with students. So... GO HAYLEY!!! We are so proud of you and that you're doing so well in kindergarten! Keep it up baby!

September 10, 2009

Hayley's First Day

Wow...three blogs in one day! I had a lot of catch up on these past couple of weeks. I had to save the best for last! Today was Hayley's first day of kindergarten. Hayley is attending kindergarten at the Marysville Coop Education Program at Quil Ceda Elementary, it's the best elementary school in our area. It's mean lots of volunteering for me, but that's fine. Basically, I (or Jonas) have to spend a day in the classroom every other week, help with a few field trips and attend meetings. I also belong to the photography committee, big shock huh. It will definitely keep me busy, but I am looking forward to the involvement we get to have in her school.

Yes, my baby is now officially in kindergarten. Hard to believe how fast those five years went. She was so excited about today; her new school, new teacher, new friends, new backpack and new clothes! So, up out of bed we all were around 7:00a.m. Hayley got dressed and was ready for breakfast and ready to leave for her first day. So, off we went. It was so cute to watch her and others wait anxiously for their day to start. She put her bag in her cubby, settled into her spot and we ready for me to go. I was sad, I got a little teary eyed, but I know she'd be fine. Ryan was a little confused as to why we were leaving her sister there, but she'll get used to it.

A few hours later it was time to go and pick Hayley up. She had a great first day and is looking forward to returning tomorrow. Recess was a big deal for her and she already made some new friends! She's growing up, way too fast. Next week she's starting back up in dance and I am hoping to start her in Girl Scouts. Ryan and I will start MOPS next week, so things may be a little hectic at first, but I am looking forward to a nice routine, not too full, but busy enough! Good luck in kindergarten my Hayley, Daddy and I are so proud of you. We love you so much.

Ryan enjoying a doughnut, but lookin for Hayley.

Our Bavarian Getaway

The last weekend of August we decided to get away for a couple days before the hustle and bustle of school began. We haven't really had a vacation this year and we're in desperate need of a break! Originally we were going to the coast and hang out on the beach; unfortunately the weather didn't look too great and we decided to head East into the mountains.

Willkommen to Leavenworth! Leavenworth is a small Bavarian themed town up in the Cascade mountains. The drive up was beautiful. We got to the drive along the river and through the mountains. I haven't had to deal with my ears popping from the elevation change since living in Colorado. It was a short trip, a couple hours at most. The majority of the buildings there are all Bavarian looking. For those of you in Colorado, a bunch of Swiss Miss Shops side by side, everywhere. Even the banks resembled the other business. We stayed the Enzian Inn, a beautiful hotel with a pool and a great breakfast. Our hotel was very close to downtown, so we were able to walk from there into the town center.

We spent our hours roaming the town, checking out the various shops and spending time in our hotel's pool. The food was awesome, I wasn't disappointed with any of our dining choices. The danish bakery had a burnt cream danish, it was so good. Almost like a creme brulee. We also had bratwurst and beer! Well, Jonas had a beer and I enjoyed a glass of wine. There are various wineries as well. Oh and ice cream shops with homemade waffle cones, yummy! The Cheesemonger's Shop was fun and I am in love with Drunken Goat Cheese. A goat cheese soaked in red wine, so good. There was a lot of shopping there as well. Christmas shops, wooden toys, a really cool hat shop, a Nutcracker store and many many more.

The girls had a great time. It was tiring for them at times, but they soon got over an exhaustion once we hit the ice cream or candy shop. The loved splashing in the pool too. Hayley was thrilled with staying at a hotel. She was simply amazed by the two beds in our room and our own TV and bathroom. Hayley is as ready to go back as I am.

I really can't wait to go back and spend more time there. It was too short of a trip, but great nonetheless. I am hoping we can make a quick day trip there the end of September to see the leaves change, I love fall and know the drive there would be spectacular! It was just great to get away from life for a few days and enjoy good food, a nice hotel and my family!

He plays the Alphorn every morning during breakfast.

The town's maypole for good luck.

Ryan turns 2

I know this is a couple weeks late, but things have been crazy! Anyways, just two weeks ago my baby girl Ryan turned two! We didn't have a big party because we were going away for the weekend. We invited a few friends over and enjoyed some pizza and cake. She wasn't a fan of bring sang too, but she sampled her cake before Daddy blew out the candle.

When it came to open presents, she clearly had a couple favorites. The only thing that could tear her away from her new Magna Doodle (from Aunt Dana) were her Yo Gabba Gabba toys. I could hardly blame her for clinging to her Magna Doodle, she and Hayley have been fighting over Hayley's for a while now! Besides those, she received a couple baby dolls and books.

It was fun, simple and quick. Thanks to everyone for coming! It's hard to believe that Ryan is already two. I had a to wait a little longer than I had planned for her to come into my life and that wait was hard, but now things just seem to pass so quickly. Ryan is sensitive and can be hot tempered at times, but she's also bubbly and happy. She observes before jumping into any situation. She adores her big sister and doesn't like to be left behind. She's a momma's girl through and through. She loves to lay in bed with Hayley while Jonas reads them a bedtime story. She dances, sings and even tries to participate in a game of "slug-bug." Every yellow car is "slug-bug yellow!" as far as she is concerned. She and Hayley are my world, my loves. I love watching them grow, but also miss the days before. I love you Ryan, Happy Birthday baby girl.

September 7, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

One of my favorite things to do in life, is to sleep in. But the universe doesn't want me to sleep, for some reason.

4:30 am - I wake up from a sound sleep to to find a 2-year old foot methodically kicking my face. Ryan can't sleep, so that means nobody can. I try to wiggle out of range, and manage to doze on and off till about 6:00am, when Lacy finally puts her in the playpen with some books. She reads to herself out loud for awhile (well, making noises out loud at any rate). But I think i fell asleep, cuz the next thing I knew, it was ....

7:00 am - "GOOD MORNING!" Hayley declares in her unreasonably loud speaking voice, the way 5-year-olds do. I groan, and quickly check if Ryan is still awake - nope, she fell asleep in her playpen with her nose in a book (literally). I groan again - now I'm on noise management duty - the ultimate goal: keep Ryan from waking at all costs, so I can stay in bed.

7:15 am - after getting Hayley settled in bed with us and making her understand why she needs to be quiet (which is really hard to do!), I think I'm finally good to get another hour or so of sleep - I nuzzle my pillow, let out a relaxed breath, and close my eyes.

7:16 am - CHIRP! The smoke alarm is hungry for some batteries. Why do they have to be so darn loud?? Ryan? Still asleep, thanfully. Hayley? chillin in bed, quiet at least. Me? On edge and can't sleep. Oh well, I make a mental note (for the 100th time) to get batteries for the smoke alarm, and start dozing again.

7:20 am - MEEEEOOOWWWW?! The cat cries in that questioning/demanding meow that just grates on your nerves and you can't ignore. Yeah, she's hungry, but its too early for breakfast and I'm trying to avoid getting up at all costs. I try yelling at her - but the loud whisper I use isn't effective. I look for something in reach that I can throw at her... My pillow is about it, but if I throw it, i'll have to get up to retrieve it, and thats no good. She's still meowing and will wake up Ryan if I don't take action very soon - I settle for a pillow swipe that I know (and she knows) won't reach her but may at least blow some air at her... Maybe if I make an angry face that looks threatening.... it works! She went to find a new diversion.

7:21 am - CHIRP!

7:25 am - "DADDY!" The blissfull quiet that Hayley was maintaining was too good to be true. And she's forgotten by now why she needs to be quiet. "Shhh!! ... What?" I ask in a whisper. "UM! .... I"M FIVE YEARS OLD!" she proudly declares. "Okay, okay. Hayley, be quiet, Ryan's sleeping. Do you want to go downstairs?" .... We discuss a little more, me trying to steer the conversation anywhere that ends with her being quiet as soon as possible - but she's a tough one.
7:30 am - MEOOW!!

7:31 am - CHIRP!!

7:32 am - DADDY!

7:33 am - CHIRP!!

7:34 am - MEOWW!!

7:35 am - DADDY!

.... and so on and so forth. Well, I guess it wasn't meant to be. I reluctantly get out of bed, go downstairs with Hayley to let Lacy sleep a little (I'm so nice, aren't I?) - Ryan's still asleep, miraculously.

7:45 am - "HONEY?" Lacy calls from our bedroom. I go up to check - and Ryan's awake! And so starts another thrilling day, Raising Richmeiers.

(you like how I worked the blog title in like that? I'm a literary genious, aren't I).
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