September 10, 2009

Ryan turns 2

I know this is a couple weeks late, but things have been crazy! Anyways, just two weeks ago my baby girl Ryan turned two! We didn't have a big party because we were going away for the weekend. We invited a few friends over and enjoyed some pizza and cake. She wasn't a fan of bring sang too, but she sampled her cake before Daddy blew out the candle.

When it came to open presents, she clearly had a couple favorites. The only thing that could tear her away from her new Magna Doodle (from Aunt Dana) were her Yo Gabba Gabba toys. I could hardly blame her for clinging to her Magna Doodle, she and Hayley have been fighting over Hayley's for a while now! Besides those, she received a couple baby dolls and books.

It was fun, simple and quick. Thanks to everyone for coming! It's hard to believe that Ryan is already two. I had a to wait a little longer than I had planned for her to come into my life and that wait was hard, but now things just seem to pass so quickly. Ryan is sensitive and can be hot tempered at times, but she's also bubbly and happy. She observes before jumping into any situation. She adores her big sister and doesn't like to be left behind. She's a momma's girl through and through. She loves to lay in bed with Hayley while Jonas reads them a bedtime story. She dances, sings and even tries to participate in a game of "slug-bug." Every yellow car is "slug-bug yellow!" as far as she is concerned. She and Hayley are my world, my loves. I love watching them grow, but also miss the days before. I love you Ryan, Happy Birthday baby girl.

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