October 14, 2009

Little Triumphs

Hayley did it again, she was awarded her second Super-Bee! Last week she received a Super-Bee for raising her hand before talking in class. After spending a few days as a parent-teacher in Hayley's class, I've come to realize this little feat is more difficult for some than others. It's so cute the watch the little hands shoot up in the air, but it hardly ever fails for one of the kindergartners to blurt out their answer before being called upon or while someone else is answering. Hayley's teacher is awesome about encouraging hand raising and reminding students that it's polite to raise one's hand without singling out anyone. For those of you that know Hayley, she's a talker, like her Mommy. I know she doesn't like to be patient all the time, but she's learning. Since her Super-Bee award, I've watched her raise her hand and wait to be called on. All the kids are doing great in class, it's fun to be able to participate in the class and be around all the kids. Not only do I get to watch Hayley grow in kindergarten, I get to know all her new friends and their parents. I am so glad we went with Coop kindergarten, so far it's been a rewarding experience. Good job Hayley, keep the hand up!

Ryan has to get in the picture too!
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