November 4, 2009

Mary and her Lamb

This year I wanted to do a cute theme for the girls Halloween costumes. Hayley wanted to be a princess, of course, but I convinced her to go a different route this year. I saw a lamb costume in a catalog that I thought would be so cute for Ryan. So, I thought Little Bo Peep would be cute and so did Hayley, until she saw the Mary had a Little Lamb costume. So we finally finalized our theme and ordered the costumes. They arrived a week or so later; Hayley loved hers, but Ryan screamed and cried when we tried on her lamb costume. Oh no!

I decided to leave the costume out so she would get used to it and not be so afraid of it. She would carry it around, but refused to wear it. The real test would have to be Halloween. The week before Halloween was a little tough, I was sick and things just were not getting done when I usually had them finished in years past. We didn't get to the pumpkin patch and settled for a Wal-Mart pumpkin. Boo! Our pumpkins weren't carved until the night before and we didn't make the Trunk-or-Treat at Hayley's school before I was too sick. Hayley did have a really fun Halloween party at school though! I felt like I let the girls down a little, but I was determined to have a good Halloween, sick or not.

Halloween came and Hayley was so excited about trick-or-treating. I tried to rest as much as I could in the morning so I would be ready to go in the afternoon. It helped a lot and it was time to get the girls ready. Hayley was eager to get dressed and prance around as Mary; our lamb, however was not so ready. She fussed, but I put on her costume, sans the hood. Ryan became a little more excited when she got her pumpkin for trick-or-treating and finally forgot all about her disdain for her costume once she began receiving her candy.

This year we stayed close and went to the small downtown area in town and did a little trick-or-treating. We got so many compliments on the girl's costumes, they were really so cute. I wish I had gotten more pictures, but Ryan was being cooperative enough wearing her costume and didn't want to be bothered with pictures. After trick-or-treating in town, I walked the girls around our neighborhood a bit to finish out the night. They received more than enough candy and were ready to go home for dinner. We finished out our night with a pizza and handing out candy to our trick-or-treaters. It was a fun night and the girls had a lot of fun. Next year though, I will let Ryan pick out her own costume.

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