November 23, 2009

Pain in the poly-BUTT-ylene

I broke a pipe under the sink in our downstairs bathroom today.

Well, it was already broken, technically, and has been leaking slowly for months. But I figured I could 'fix' it by just tightening the thingy.

Well as usual when I try to 'fix' something, I just made it worse. The slow leak turned into a fast one, I started to panic, and Lacy took charge. She directed me to turn off the water to the whole house, and called the plumber.

Turns on we're just another victim of polybutylene piping - notoriously bad pipes with an extremely high failure rate and the focus of a near-1 billion $$ class-action lawsuit.

Unfortunately, as per, the cutoff for submitting claims was a mere 6 months ago. That sucks. We got just the two faulty connections under that sink fixed today, but we have like 6 more to go, which are essentially ticking timebombs.

Happy holidays, everybody! :)

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