December 19, 2009

Hayley's Dance Recital

One of Hayley's favorite things to every week is go to dance class. She loves to dance. She is currently in a Combo Class, where they learn basic ballet and jazz. Hayley's been dancing on and off for the last three years. We had a rough go of it last year, but she was thrilled to be back at Pilchuck Dance Academy ( this fall. I love taking her to dance class because it so much fun watching her do something that makes her so happy.

Each year, there are two recitals, one for the holidays and the big one in June. She and her class worked very hard at their dance to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Hayley had the dance down and was eager to perform. She did great and we are very proud of her.

She's a little bummed because she has three weeks off from dance, but soon enough we will be back to her weekly dance hour. It will give her plenty of time to work on her dance for the big recital coming in June. Hopefully it won't come to close to the new baby's arrival, but we'll see.

Good job Hayley-bug!


December 13, 2009

Hayley's Wish

It's that time of year again. The tree is up, the stockings are hung and the lights are up outside. The girls anxiously await turning around another drawer on their Advent calender each day; maybe it's just the chocolate, but Hayley's old enough to know that she is getting closer and closer to Christmas.

We took the girls to see Santa, actually we had tea with Santa at the same place where Hayley's birthday party was. It was a lot of fun and cost about the same it would have been to see Santa at the mall and get a digital copy of the picture. With this, the girls had a tea party, lunch, got to see Santa and tell him their Christmas wishes, oh and a picture. So much fun! There was also a toy drive and both girls picked out a toy at Walmart to donate that day. It's still a little hard to explain to Hayley why we should donate toys or money to the bell ringers, but hopefully she'll understand it better soon. She's happy to do it, but doesn't completely understand why others are in need.

There's only a week left of school before Winter Break begins and Hayley's class is preparing for their Winter Concert and her class' Holiday Party. Last week, the class got to go shopping at the school's Holiday Shop for gifts. Hayley was so proud taking home her gifts for Jonas, Ryan and myself. She even picked one up for Penny. She just keeps telling us that she can't tell us what they are and we have to wait until Christmas to open them. Hayley also received her 4th Super Bee last week for sitting on her bottom during the show they were watching in class. Yeah Hayley!

Little miss Ryan is excited for Christmas too. She was excited to see Santa last week and did not burst out into tears like she did last year. She points out Christmas trees whenever she sees them and loves to look at the lights on the houses when we're driving around. This year, she is simply amazed by all the holiday displays where ever we go. We're also trying to work on potty training, she kinda gets it. She knows when she's going and wants to sit on the potty then, but she'll get it soon enough. We just have to be patient.

With Christmas going on all around us there's one thing that Hayley has still been asking for. Snow. She's been asking, for a while, when it was going to snow. This time last year, it had already snowed and we were getting ready for a huge snow storm that kept us home unless we absolutely needed to get out for something. It doesn't snow much here, but if it does snow and really accumulates; there simply aren't enough resources for the clean-up. And then it freezes over and the roads become extremely dangerous. Most people here don't know how to drive in those conditions, so it's better to stay home.

So, back to Hayley's wish. Hayley and I kept a close eye on the weather and saw that it was likely to snow today and tomorrow. When she woke up this morning and went down to turn on her shows, she exclaimed that it was snowing! Jonas and I couldn't tell, but Jonas went down to check a few minutes later and, sure enough, there was snow falling. She hurriedly ate her breakfast and got dressed to play outside with the little bit of snow that was gathering on the ground. She played outside three times and had a blast. There wasn't enough to make the snowman she wanted to build, but maybe some more will fall tomorrow.

It was so nice to watch Hayley play out in snow. It wasn't a ton of snow, but it was enough to make Hayley's day. And mine, as well. It was a great day for playing in the snow, drinking hot cocoa and ending the day with a pot of chili. I love this time of year. With only 12 days left until Christmas, I am really looking forward to watching my girl's excitement and anticipation as we approach the big day.

It's a picture of a picture, best I could do!
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