January 7, 2010

Christmas, in a Nutshell

Yes, Christmas was well over two weeks ago and it's 2010! I've been meaning to blog about it, but just haven't found the time. Poor excuse, but oh well!

We had a wonderful Christmas, one of the best! Hayley and Ryan were both really looking forward to it, so that made it even more fun. On Christmas Eve we left cookies for Santa and sprinkled Reindeer food on the front lawn. We all opened one special gift, new pajamas for everyone and the girls each received a book with their pajamas to read before going to bed. Ryan is still a little young and fell asleep relatively fast, but Hayley was awake forever. Just when I thought she was finally down for the night, I would hear her singing Christmas carols along with her CD. It was so cute, but she finally gave in to her sleepiness over her anticipation.

Soon Christmas morning arrived and I heard Hayley enter our room. She told me that she saw that Santa had filled the stockings and there was a sign. She wasn't supposed to go downstairs without us, but she just had a sneak a peek. She was ready to go downstairs, but was a bit miffed because she had to wait for Ryan to wake up. I turned on the TV for her and she "patiently" waited.

Finally, Ryan was awake and we could head downstairs for stockings and gifts. Hayley ripped through her stocking and was ready for the presents. Ryan, however, became occupied with her hotwheels and didn't want to open presents. Hayley had no problems with that area and anxiously tore through all her goodies. Ryan was happy to sit in her chair and help mommy open the gifts. Once she opened a few petshops, she was happy to hold those and her hotwheels and continue to one-handily help unwrap her presents.

Hayley's favorites included her new easel from Grandma, (or sign as she referred to it before she realized what it was!), a Nintendo DS and art supplies from Santa. Ryan, of course, was a big fan of her hotwheels and petshops. She is also very fond of her Tinkerbell Doll and ABC fridge toy. Jonas was surprised, by me, with an XBox 360. Jonas was an awesome gift giver with my Silver Tiffany Charm bracelet.

But, besides the gifts it was a great Christmas. We hung around the house, made French Toast for breakfast and watched a movie with the girls. We helped the girls out with their new toys. It was just wonderful being able to hang out in our home and be together. The holidays can be so stressful at times, so it was nice just to have a day to relax.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy their holiday season. As fun as it was, it's nice to finally have a little break from the craziness that it comes with. Now on to a new year, with new adventures!

My little blue box!

Yeah, Jonas!

Petshops and Hotwheels!

New DS!

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Drea said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday! And just imagine how much better it's going to be next year with a little boy in the mix! It surprised me how similar our holidays were this year. We too do the pajamas and book tradition on Xmas Eve (Sam's family did pj's and mine did books so we combined the two for our family). And the gifts were similar too! Adelaide got a Tinkerbell like Ryan, I surprised Sam with a 360 and he surprised me with a DS that looks just like Haley's! I guess great minds think alike!

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