February 25, 2010

Different Doctors, Different Opinions

Our third visit at the MFM Clinic went well, the blood flow looked great on the Doppler and Jack looked great overall. Everything was routine, except that we saw a different doctor. He was nice and went over the results of the scan. He even performed his own scan. I asked about my blood draw from my last visit and the levels are still at a concerning level, but again, there's no way to know what that antibody is capable of since it's so unpredictable. He said he wasn't sure why my blood was tested again since it doesn't tell us anything. Oh well. I don't know either. He also said let's just get me to 32 weeks, since it's a possibility that I may deliver early. Ah!

So, even with all of that, everything is fine and Jack looks wonderful! It's weird enough seeing two different doctors right now for myself and Jack, but when another is thrown into the mix, it throws me off a bit. I've been lucky to avoid my OB's vacation schedule and not have to see any of his partners thus far. Oh, I did receive a nifty card for my wallet documenting my blood type and the types of antibodies present. If I ever need a blood transfusion, the blood needs to be absent of those proteins or it wouldn't do me any good. The antibodies would destroy the much needed redblood cells. Good to know, huh!?! I go back to the MFM Clinic in two weeks for another Doppler and a growth scan and I also see my OB that week. Until then, much love.

February 20, 2010

A Sleepy Date

It's hard being 2! You don't get to do all the fun things your big sister gets to do. Sometimes you get left out and feel a bit shafted. That was my poor Ryan today! First, Hayley had a birthday party to go to and Ryan stayed home with Daddy and Uncle Jordan. She was happy to see Hayley and I when we got home from the party. But then, a few hours later, it was time for Hayley to go with Jonas to the Valentine's Father-Daughter Dance. So she was left home again, but with Mommy and Uncle Jordan. Daddy also got a new car, so she was bummed she didn't get to go and take a ride in it. So, I asked her if she would like to go to Starbucks for a chocolate milk, to cheer her up. So, off we went! Uncle Jordan, Ryan and myself. She was excited to go and ran right up to get her milk from the cooler. She even picked out a place to sit. After we got settled, she drank some of her milk, snacked on a cookies and laid down. I thought she was just playing around and being shy. I asked her a few minutes later if she wanted to return home and she shook her head no. We sat around for a few more minutes and she really hadn't moved, I went to check on her and she was out! Who knows, maybe she was fuming all day and wore herself out. She was out for the night. Night-night baby girl, maybe next time!

Potty Star

For almost two weeks now, Ryan has begun the journey from diapers to big girl panties. She's been ready for a while to start potty training, but busy schedules, pregnancy sickness and other things; it's been pushed back a bit. She was getting to where she would bring us a new diaper when she needed to be changed and exclaim: "Change my butt!"

Jonas really took the initiative on it and started her in panties over the weekend and would bring her up to the potty. After all the weekend success, it was up to me for the week to keep it going. Unfortunately, she got a stomach bug and had to go back to diapers for a day. Even with the diapers, she was still asking to go to the potty. Poor girl, but she was right back to it the next day when that had passed!

Throughout the week, after a few accidents, she was beginning to get the hang of it. We bought her some star stickers and put a big piece of paper of the bathroom door for her to put her stars on when she pee-peed on the potty. We even bought her a new Pet Shop toy to really get her excited about the potty. It didn't take long for her to catch on and she loved picking a new star to add to her "Potty Star" poster. She also loves to pick out the panties she is going to wear. We're evening have some success with going #2 on the potty!

As of now, she's gone 4 days accident free! We have yet to venture out with just panties on, but I think we'll try the soon. She wears a pull-up if we're out of the house, but still refuses to pee in it. She's even asked to go when we were at a friend's and used their bathroom! She asked at Target too, but didn't go. Oh well! I am so proud of her, she's done so well in such a short time. Potty training has been really easy with, she's such a big girl. Go Ryan!!

February 13, 2010


During this last week, I had my second visit at the MFM Clinic and an appointment with my OB. First came the MFM Clinic where they scanned Jack's heart again and his hands. They were unable to get good pictures at the first visit and he was incredibly uncooperative. This time, he was in the perfect position and were able to get the pictures they needed. Everything looked great! They also performed the first Doppler test of the blood vessel in Jack's brain to see how fast the blood was flowing. The rate can show if there are any signs of anemia. Luckily, it also looked normal. So, I will be going back again in two weeks to do another Doppler. They will also be doing another growth check in a few weeks to make sure he is still on target.

The next day came my visit with my OB. He asked about my visits at the MFM Clinic and checked the heart rate. He also asked how I was going emotionally since I am now considered high risk. It's the first time during this pregnancy that this term has been used, so it was a little unnerving for me. My first two pregnancies were completely normal and now I am high risk. It's hard to worry and stress about it, especially now that I've officially been labeled. I explained that I have my good and bad days, it's hard not to worry about the baby. There's also nothing I can do to prevent my blood from attacking his, so I feel a little helpless.

He explained that they will also be keeping an eye on me emotionally as well, just to make sure I am handling the stress of this pregnancy well. I was happy to know that he was concerned. I was also a little extra emotional that day, it was a horrible morning leading up to that appointment. I am still shocked I didn't burst into tears when he started asking about how I was feeling.

Other than all of that, everything looked great and Jack is doing wonderfully. I am going to need to buy an album for all the ultrasound pictures I am collecting, they always print out a few at the MFM Clinic for me. I've got a small stack on my dresser. Ryan likes to look at them and see the baby. So, even with being labeled high risk, I know I can handle this; sometimes better than other times though.

February 11, 2010

Bunk Mates

Almost two weeks ago, Jonas and I bought the girls a bunk bed. The girls were actually really excited about sharing a room. We wanted to make this transition as quickly as possible so Ryan would be used to the idea and not think we were kicking her out of her room for the new baby. The bunk bed comes from the same furniture collection Hayley already has; so the bunkbed matches her dresser and nightstand. I was thrilled to find it hadn't been discontinued since we've had Hayley's set for over three years. The bed was delivered early in the morning, which left the rest of the day for cleaning up Hayley's room, rearranging furniture and bringing in Ryan's things. It took nearly all day, but it felt great when it was done.

Hayley was so excited to sleep in the top bunk and Ryan was excited about her new bed and owl bedding she had picked out. We weren't sure how well the first night would go, but after an hour or so of the girls chatting back and forth, giggling and wishing one another good night, they were finally out for the night. Since they bunk bed has arrived, the girls have been doing great and seem to really enjoy sharing their room. Ryan is sleeping much better in the bunk bed, which has been great for Jonas and I. We sold Hayley's bed to a good friend for her little girl and Ryan's toddler bed was sold to a family with a little girl expecting a baby sister this summer.

Yea, for the bunk bed and the girl's enthusiasm for this change. Soon it will be time to tackle the nursery and paint it blue. And soon enough, Jack will be here.

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