February 11, 2010

Bunk Mates

Almost two weeks ago, Jonas and I bought the girls a bunk bed. The girls were actually really excited about sharing a room. We wanted to make this transition as quickly as possible so Ryan would be used to the idea and not think we were kicking her out of her room for the new baby. The bunk bed comes from the same furniture collection Hayley already has; so the bunkbed matches her dresser and nightstand. I was thrilled to find it hadn't been discontinued since we've had Hayley's set for over three years. The bed was delivered early in the morning, which left the rest of the day for cleaning up Hayley's room, rearranging furniture and bringing in Ryan's things. It took nearly all day, but it felt great when it was done.

Hayley was so excited to sleep in the top bunk and Ryan was excited about her new bed and owl bedding she had picked out. We weren't sure how well the first night would go, but after an hour or so of the girls chatting back and forth, giggling and wishing one another good night, they were finally out for the night. Since they bunk bed has arrived, the girls have been doing great and seem to really enjoy sharing their room. Ryan is sleeping much better in the bunk bed, which has been great for Jonas and I. We sold Hayley's bed to a good friend for her little girl and Ryan's toddler bed was sold to a family with a little girl expecting a baby sister this summer.

Yea, for the bunk bed and the girl's enthusiasm for this change. Soon it will be time to tackle the nursery and paint it blue. And soon enough, Jack will be here.


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They look so cute in their bunk bed together! Glad they enjoy being roommates! :)

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