February 25, 2010

Different Doctors, Different Opinions

Our third visit at the MFM Clinic went well, the blood flow looked great on the Doppler and Jack looked great overall. Everything was routine, except that we saw a different doctor. He was nice and went over the results of the scan. He even performed his own scan. I asked about my blood draw from my last visit and the levels are still at a concerning level, but again, there's no way to know what that antibody is capable of since it's so unpredictable. He said he wasn't sure why my blood was tested again since it doesn't tell us anything. Oh well. I don't know either. He also said let's just get me to 32 weeks, since it's a possibility that I may deliver early. Ah!

So, even with all of that, everything is fine and Jack looks wonderful! It's weird enough seeing two different doctors right now for myself and Jack, but when another is thrown into the mix, it throws me off a bit. I've been lucky to avoid my OB's vacation schedule and not have to see any of his partners thus far. Oh, I did receive a nifty card for my wallet documenting my blood type and the types of antibodies present. If I ever need a blood transfusion, the blood needs to be absent of those proteins or it wouldn't do me any good. The antibodies would destroy the much needed redblood cells. Good to know, huh!?! I go back to the MFM Clinic in two weeks for another Doppler and a growth scan and I also see my OB that week. Until then, much love.

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