February 13, 2010


During this last week, I had my second visit at the MFM Clinic and an appointment with my OB. First came the MFM Clinic where they scanned Jack's heart again and his hands. They were unable to get good pictures at the first visit and he was incredibly uncooperative. This time, he was in the perfect position and were able to get the pictures they needed. Everything looked great! They also performed the first Doppler test of the blood vessel in Jack's brain to see how fast the blood was flowing. The rate can show if there are any signs of anemia. Luckily, it also looked normal. So, I will be going back again in two weeks to do another Doppler. They will also be doing another growth check in a few weeks to make sure he is still on target.

The next day came my visit with my OB. He asked about my visits at the MFM Clinic and checked the heart rate. He also asked how I was going emotionally since I am now considered high risk. It's the first time during this pregnancy that this term has been used, so it was a little unnerving for me. My first two pregnancies were completely normal and now I am high risk. It's hard to worry and stress about it, especially now that I've officially been labeled. I explained that I have my good and bad days, it's hard not to worry about the baby. There's also nothing I can do to prevent my blood from attacking his, so I feel a little helpless.

He explained that they will also be keeping an eye on me emotionally as well, just to make sure I am handling the stress of this pregnancy well. I was happy to know that he was concerned. I was also a little extra emotional that day, it was a horrible morning leading up to that appointment. I am still shocked I didn't burst into tears when he started asking about how I was feeling.

Other than all of that, everything looked great and Jack is doing wonderfully. I am going to need to buy an album for all the ultrasound pictures I am collecting, they always print out a few at the MFM Clinic for me. I've got a small stack on my dresser. Ryan likes to look at them and see the baby. So, even with being labeled high risk, I know I can handle this; sometimes better than other times though.

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Joe and Alexis Unnerstall said...

labels suck!! Ignore them!! The "infertile" label really hit me hard!! Focus on the positive!! Jack looks great, he's doing great and that's all wonderful!!! Now you just get to have tons of pictures of him and see him more before he's officially here!!! How cool!! Hang in there darlin'!!


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