February 20, 2010

A Sleepy Date

It's hard being 2! You don't get to do all the fun things your big sister gets to do. Sometimes you get left out and feel a bit shafted. That was my poor Ryan today! First, Hayley had a birthday party to go to and Ryan stayed home with Daddy and Uncle Jordan. She was happy to see Hayley and I when we got home from the party. But then, a few hours later, it was time for Hayley to go with Jonas to the Valentine's Father-Daughter Dance. So she was left home again, but with Mommy and Uncle Jordan. Daddy also got a new car, so she was bummed she didn't get to go and take a ride in it. So, I asked her if she would like to go to Starbucks for a chocolate milk, to cheer her up. So, off we went! Uncle Jordan, Ryan and myself. She was excited to go and ran right up to get her milk from the cooler. She even picked out a place to sit. After we got settled, she drank some of her milk, snacked on a cookies and laid down. I thought she was just playing around and being shy. I asked her a few minutes later if she wanted to return home and she shook her head no. We sat around for a few more minutes and she really hadn't moved, I went to check on her and she was out! Who knows, maybe she was fuming all day and wore herself out. She was out for the night. Night-night baby girl, maybe next time!

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