March 16, 2010

Looking Good

Last week I saw my OB and also had a visit at the MFM Clinic. I got a little shock at the OB's office when I saw that I had gained 7 lbs over the last month. All together I've gained 16, which is more than what I gained when I was pregnant with the girls. I was a little bummed, but what can I do. Maybe not eat out so much, but who has the energy to cook lately. Jack's heart rate was a little fast, but he was also being a wiggle worm at the time. No worries. Other than that, everything was right on track. I am due to go back in a couple weeks for some blood tests, my favorite glucose test. Yuck!

The next day was my visit to the MFM Clinic; where they checked preformed another Doppler test and did a growth scan. Again, everything looked good. Jack weighs around 2.5 lbs. The blood flow was a little faster than it was at my last visit, but still within the normal range. And his heart rate was normal. Back again in two weeks!

Everything is going fairly well so far, just hoping to get to June. My heartburn has been really bad lately, bad enough to keep me from sleeping all night. It's not pleasant, I will spare the details. Thank goodness for Jonas being able to stay at home and help out his severely sleep deprived pregnant wife. I am just hoping my doctor's recommendations will help out.

Other than that, things are good. Hayley's received a few more Super Bees at school. She's also doing great with reading, I still can't believe she is reading. It's also almost time for her report card, I am anxious to see how she's doing! Ryan is still doing great potty training, an accident here and there, but that's fine. She's even using the potty when we're out, sometimes. I am also getting ready to enroll her in preschool, a two day program for 3 year-olds. That's about all for now, hope this finds everyone well. Much love.

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