April 17, 2010

Good News

I am now in the final weeks of this pregnancy and things are looking great. My last appointment at the MFM Clinic went really well, Jack is still right on track and the Doppler showed no signs of anemia. The doctor also said that things are remained stable thus far and Jack may not have even inherited the blood protein from Jonas. He said they usually see something adverse at this point and we may be in the clear. But again, the antibody I have in unpredictable and I will continue monitoring everything two weeks until delivery. It really only comes down to another four MFM Clinic visits! So, keep praying for us!

My last appointment with my OB went great as well. He spoke with my doctor at the MFM Clinic and agreed that it is unlikely we will have any problems with the antibodies. It was really good news to hear. I am still a little weary, since I have a little less than two months to go, but at the same time I am really relieved. So was Jonas! I also passed my glucose test, but failed the hemocrit (red blood cell) count. So, yeah for iron supplements. I've also gained a little more weight, putting my grand total to 17+ pounds. I feel bigger this time around, I wonder if he will be much bigger than his sisters were. Hayley only weighed 5lbs. 15.5oz and Ryan was 6lbs. 8oz.

So until Jack gets here, I am at one of my doctors every week! Geeze, but it's also a good way to count down my time left. We've gotten the nursery together and are finishing up getting those last few blue things we need. It feels like we've started over after so much pink! It's also a lot of fun and I can't wait to see how much things are going to change. I'm also a little terrified, but am welcoming the changes coming to our life.

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Tessa said...

Can't believe how close it is! I am so thankful everything is going well ... I've been thinking of you and have had a peace that God was caring for you and your little man. He's awesome! I will continue to pray for you and anticipate baby Jack's arrival. Anxious for pictures!!

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