April 22, 2010

Never Trust Anti-K

In the beginning, my perinatologist told us that the antibody my blood is producing is unpredictable. The titer testing gives no indication of what it may or may not do. Over the last few months all my tests have remained stable and we all thought it would continue that way for the last couple months of my pregnancy. Unfortunately, that all changed a couple days ago at my last Doppler appointment.

It was the first time Jonas didn't come with me to the appointment. Hayley was sick and had to stay home from school, so he stayed home with the girls and I went on to my appointment. It all began fairly routine, got to see Jack on the ultrasound and his little profile. The sonographer moved on to the Doppler testing part. They usually get three readings and average them out. The sonographer got the first two and was about to get the third, but noticed I was a getting flushed. I thought I was going to faint. Turns out laying flat on my back is a no-no for the rest of the ultrasounds since the baby blocks a major artery, causing lack of blood flow to my heart and brain. It was no fun. I felt much better after I rolled onto my side and he was able to finish the scans.

I noticed the numbers that he was getting were much higher than the numbers in the previous weeks' scans. And then I knew something was up when the sonographer asked me to stay in the room. After being sent to the waiting room, I was then sent to the conference room to wait for the doctor. That was all routine, but then a nurse came in to check my blood pressure and weigh me. I wasn't sure what to think at that moment and wanted to call Jonas, but I really had nothing to tell him since I still wasn't sure what was going on.

Finally, the doctor came in and he confirmed my suspicions that the blood flow has increased, but it was still in the safe range. He was concerned because it was such a significant change from my previous tests. He asked about the baby's movements, which have been good. He wanted to send me in for a non-stress test to test the baby's movements that day. I would also need to come back twice a week now for non-stress tests and again in ten days for another Doppler. He wasn't sure how often he wanted to do those until he is able to see the results from the next Doppler. I was in shock and really didn't know what to think. Everything had been so stable before and it all changed in that instant.

My doctor then sent me for my NST (non-stress test). I had to go to triage because they were booked at the MFM Clinic. Luckily there was no one at triage, so I was admitted right away. I got a quick minute to call Jonas and let him know what was going on. Jonas was a little stressed, but I told him I would call as soon as my NST was over. Basically a NST monitors the baby's heart rate and any contractions you may have. The same belts and monitors women wear at a hospital while in labor. During an NST they want the baby's heart rate to rise 15 BPM when the baby moves for at least 15 seconds. This test takes about 30 minutes.

Everything looked good and I was sent home with a list of all my upcoming NST appointments. I also have to be very aware of the baby's movements. The most important being from when I wake up to lunch time. If there are less than 10 kicks, then I have to call into my OB and go in for an NST. This change has been difficult, to say the least. I've gone from counting down my weeks by the remaining appointments, to worrying over how much Jack is moving and my twice-weekly NST tests.

I am trying not to stress out over all of this, but that's proving to be nearly impossible. I am thankful that this all didn't happen earlier in the pregnancy, but now I am entirely uncertain of making it until June. I try to keep busy with Hayley's activities and school, but I can't help but worry about everything with the baby. I just don't know how to not stress out over all of this. After two routine pregnancies, this is an entirely new and frightening reality. I just pray for a healthy baby and hopefully making it until June to meet him.


Sadie said...

Oh, Lace. Hang in there! I know it's so scary. Actually, that's not fair. I don't know and it's stupid of me to try to say that crap to you. But I can imagine (kind of). Just trust your doctors. I have to think that if they were super worried they would get Jack out of there - you're far enough along that it wouldn't be too risky right? So they must trust that keeping him there is safer.

You are brave to be able to write about this. Lots of love to you and the girls and that baby boy!

Is it possible for you to rent a doppler or even a little ultrasound machine? Like Katie Holmes! Does the hospital have that option?

Drea said...

You poor thing! I was going to say "try not to let it stress you out to much" but I feel stressed out just reading about it so I can't even imagine what it must be like for you! I'm praying for you and baby Jack every day.

DrKeppy said...

Goodness that must be tough sweetheart! Try to do lots of deep refreshing breathing and whatever you find that relaxes you. If you're able, I'd recommend chiropractic care and prenatal massage. Sending HUGS your way! You're doing an amazing job!!

Tessa said...

Oh, sweet Lacy! I am so sorry! It would probably be easier to be less stressed if you didn't have 2 other kids to think about too, but you are really blessed to have Jonas. I will just continue to pray for you and baby Jack. XOXO

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