April 17, 2010


Since moving to Washington almost 4 years ago, one of my favorite things to do is go to the Tulip Festival. It's held every year in April, in Skagit Valley. There are two fields that allow the public to come in and walk the tulip fields. It's absolutely beautiful to see hundreds and hundreds of blooms in varying colors and styles. The growers simply ask people not to pick the flowers. They also ask people to stay out of the rows, but people always venture a few feet in for a good picture. We do, we're guilty.

This year, we went during the week. The weekends are insane there and it's hard to get good pictures. We always visit Tulip Town because it's bigger and has more of a variety. We didn't get a chance to go last year, so I was excited to see what Ryan would think since that last time we went she was a baby. She had fun running around and looking inside the flowers for bugs. Although she didn't like to get her hands dirty and made us wipe them off every time she touched the dirt. Hayley also had fun running around and didn't mind getting dirty at all. I had fun taking pictures, although it is difficult to get down low enough for the shots I was trying to get. Being nearly eight months pregnant made photographing our day interesting, but I managed.

It was a fun day, the weather was nice. Not too hot and it wasn't raining. Well, it did rain, but the rain didn't start falling until about ten minutes after we left. Yeah for Tulips!



Tessa said...

Love it! I always love your tulip posts. You look great too, by the way.

Drea said...

I know I already said it on facebook, but I love these pictures! The colors are amazing and it such a cool family tradition!

DrKeppy said...

Wow those flowers are amazing!! I love your pictures - you do such an awesome job :) And you look beautiful mama! Can't wait to "meet" your little guy!

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