May 22, 2010

Why Jonas Is So Cool

  1. There's a song about him.
  2. He can solve the rubik's cube in under a minute.
  3. He writes blogs about himself, and how cool he is.
  4. He just is.
  5. The name 'Jonas' makes him 309 times cooler.
  6. He reads stories to his kids at bedtime (and uses voices and everything).
  7. He's an expert guitar hero.
  8. He mows the lawn sometimes, when he feels like it - which is like twice a year.
  9. He does laundry. And cooks (poorly).
  10. He's married to the coolest girl ever.

May 21, 2010

Hayley lost her first tooth

Yep. You heard it here folks. Gone, just like that. All her little kindergarten friends (well, not all, but a lot! Well.. at least some, anyway.. I think) have been losing teeth like I'm losing hair. And now she's joined their toothless ranks!

She was pretty cool about it, too. Not freaked out, not scared, not sad. She just calmly wiggled it past the 90-degree mark and, yup, sure enough, out it came. She presented it to us as if she was commenting on the weather (which she doesn't really do, you know, cuz she's only 5) - calm and thoughtful-like. "Hey, look Mom and Dad, my tooth came out. How about that?"

Then, once the initial wonderment faded, the excitement came, as she realized what this meant. "THE TOOTH FAIRY CAN BRING ME A PRESENT!!" Welllll, we said, trying to manage expectations, a present may not be the right word. But yes, the tooth fairy will probably be hearing about this tooth of yours, and yes, will probably be paying you a night-time visit, and yes, maybe, this tooth fairy might compensate you for your enamel-ific offering in some small way.

But, all this fell on deaf ears as she was hopping from foot to foot with her huge toothless grin.

The tooth fairy did, indeed, pay a visit that night, and Hayley woke the next morning (at like 5:00 am, for crying out loud), to find a pixie-dust-coated velvet drawstring bag, with a crisp five-dolla bill, and a pack of gum. The tooth fairy sure is getting fancy now-a-days, I tell ya.

And of course she was in our room waking us from our own deep slumber to share the discovery. She didn't know exactly what the gum was, and so she asked. And Lacy, amazingly, psychicly, without even looking, told her with a pillow-muffled voice "Its a pack of gum honey". How she knew this... well, I guess we'll never know.

Anyway, now anybody that crosses Hayley's path is sure to hear about how she lost her tooth. And to see the evidence as she flashes her pearly whites (-1).

See for yourself!

May 3, 2010

Anytime Now

It's hard to accept the idea that I may not make it to term, but it's likely to come to that. I am thankful, however, that it's come this late in in my pregnancy. At my last appointment, the Doppler levels were up again, but there were no other signs of anemia. When the doctor came to check, the levels were a little lower. He assured Jonas and I that everything was alright and there were no other signs of anemia. So, now I am having Doppler ultrasounds every week along with my bi-weekly NST's. I feel like we live at the hospital since we've been spending so much time there lately. In the beginning it was exciting to see Jack every other week, but now these scans bring anxiety.

The doctor also informed us that if there are any signs of anemia that they will just deliver Jack early; but like I wrote earlier, at least I am towards the end and nearing term. I also had an appointment with my OB and he said that he should still be able to deliver since they're not likely to schedule it the same day. Yeah! I've been lucky with the girls having my OB deliver each of them and not whomever is on call. Although my OB will be of the office for a week on vacation soon, that would be my luck. He assured me that I would be in good hands and not to worry.

We're nearly ready for Jack, but there's always something I think of that we need for him. I just feel like we're running out of time. The nursery is all ready and the closet is becoming full of little boy clothes in various sizes. I even bought some preemie clothes to be prepared. My Mom won't be able to make it out right away if I deliver early, but I have some good friends willing to help out if it comes to that.

At this point, I am just trying to be ready for him. I know that really isn't possible, you're never completely ready. And there's always that hint of anxiety heading into my appointments. It's hard not knowing if they may decide to deliver when I go in for a check-up. I took maternity leave from Hayley's school to avoid stress, I miss working in her class and feel badly because she always looked forward to my parent-teacher days. I'm only missing my last three work days and thankfully the baby will be here before all her year end activities. I don't want to miss her kindergarten graduation. Ryan is a trooper; she accompanies Jonas and I to most of the appointments. She's always so good and curious about what's going on. The nurses love her and always compliment on what a good girl she is. And Jonas has been awesome, he works from home the days of my appointments and is pretty much available if he needs to head home early. I know he's as worried as I am, but helps me out as much as he can so I can avoid any stress.

That's where things are at now, it's kind of a waiting game. It's hard to not stress out about things, but I try. The girls are awesome about letting me lay down to monitor movement or to relax for a little bit, thank goodness for Netflix! That's all for now, much love.
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