May 21, 2010

Hayley lost her first tooth

Yep. You heard it here folks. Gone, just like that. All her little kindergarten friends (well, not all, but a lot! Well.. at least some, anyway.. I think) have been losing teeth like I'm losing hair. And now she's joined their toothless ranks!

She was pretty cool about it, too. Not freaked out, not scared, not sad. She just calmly wiggled it past the 90-degree mark and, yup, sure enough, out it came. She presented it to us as if she was commenting on the weather (which she doesn't really do, you know, cuz she's only 5) - calm and thoughtful-like. "Hey, look Mom and Dad, my tooth came out. How about that?"

Then, once the initial wonderment faded, the excitement came, as she realized what this meant. "THE TOOTH FAIRY CAN BRING ME A PRESENT!!" Welllll, we said, trying to manage expectations, a present may not be the right word. But yes, the tooth fairy will probably be hearing about this tooth of yours, and yes, will probably be paying you a night-time visit, and yes, maybe, this tooth fairy might compensate you for your enamel-ific offering in some small way.

But, all this fell on deaf ears as she was hopping from foot to foot with her huge toothless grin.

The tooth fairy did, indeed, pay a visit that night, and Hayley woke the next morning (at like 5:00 am, for crying out loud), to find a pixie-dust-coated velvet drawstring bag, with a crisp five-dolla bill, and a pack of gum. The tooth fairy sure is getting fancy now-a-days, I tell ya.

And of course she was in our room waking us from our own deep slumber to share the discovery. She didn't know exactly what the gum was, and so she asked. And Lacy, amazingly, psychicly, without even looking, told her with a pillow-muffled voice "Its a pack of gum honey". How she knew this... well, I guess we'll never know.

Anyway, now anybody that crosses Hayley's path is sure to hear about how she lost her tooth. And to see the evidence as she flashes her pearly whites (-1).

See for yourself!


Mrs. Macready said...

I'm so happy she lost a tooth! It such a BIG deal to the kids and to us as mothers. Congrats to both you and your big (baby) girl!

Lacy said...

The tooth fairy brought her sugarless gum!

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