May 22, 2010

Why Jonas Is So Cool

  1. There's a song about him.
  2. He can solve the rubik's cube in under a minute.
  3. He writes blogs about himself, and how cool he is.
  4. He just is.
  5. The name 'Jonas' makes him 309 times cooler.
  6. He reads stories to his kids at bedtime (and uses voices and everything).
  7. He's an expert guitar hero.
  8. He mows the lawn sometimes, when he feels like it - which is like twice a year.
  9. He does laundry. And cooks (poorly).
  10. He's married to the coolest girl ever.


Lacy said...

#9 is incorrect, you cook very well. Those pork chops were awesome, as was the chicken and pasta you made the other night. You just don't want to have to cook.

Mrs. Macready said...


amylindsey said...

Now I have that song in my head, not that it's a bad thing, I like Weezer! Do you also own a sweater that could be unravelled as you walk away? I like that one too!

And, now you must prove you can solve this "cube of rubik" in under a minute. I demand a video.

But, I think you are SO cool because in 8th grade geometry you questioned Mrs. Easterling's hand writing and made her slump over like her battery had died. Do you remember that? I totally still tell that story!

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