June 28, 2010

Happy Days

Things have just been so crazy lately, adjusting to life with three kids is easy in some ways and hard in others. Over all, it's been a welcome change in our lives. Nearly two weeks after Jack arrived, came Hayley's Spring Recital. Everything seemed to come all at once; Jack was born, Hayley's kindergarten graduation, her last day of school and her dance recital. Not to mention all the doctor's appointments for Jack, the dress rehersal, etc...

Hayley's class worked very hard on their dance and had a lot of fun along the way. A lot of that was due to her wonderful teacher, Miss Marya. It takes a lot to work with 4-6 year old girls and Miss Marya always handled it with grace and patience. Hayley always left class with a smile.

Anyways, the recital day came and the girls did wonderfully. I wasn't able to record the actual recital, but I did get the dress rehersal. Jonas and I were very proud of Hayley. Enjoy!

Hayley and Miss Marya

Hayley at the dress rehersal without her ballet slippers.


June 22, 2010

Some Things Must Come to an End

It's been almost a week since Hayley finished Kindergarten. While it will be nice not having to drive her to school daily, it's also a little bittersweet. Hayley had a wonderful year in kindergarten. She made new friends and had a wonderful teacher. She learned to read and write. She didn't merely learn these things, she excelled in them. Her report card was awesome too! Jonas and I are so proud of her and couldn't be more pleased with her accomplishments. Hayley really loved going to school and is already looking forward to first grade. I am also so glad we decided to send her to a Co-op program, it takes a little more time and commitment as a parent, but it was well worth it.

To celebrate the end of the school year, we had a class party where all the kids sang a few songs and received little graduation medals. One of the parents offered up their beautiful home for the party, where to kids were able to run around, jump on the trampoline or play on a swing set. Thankfully the weather held out until the end of the party, it began to ran as we were loading everyone into the car.

The last day of class came, the kids passed around autograph cards and finished off the left over cake from the party. Jonas and I went for the last hour of class and took some pictures. We also brought along Ryan and Jack. It was so cute when all the kids swarmed Jack in his car seat, wanting to catch a glimpse of Hayley's baby brother she had be raving about all week. Time came to collect mail for the last time and say goodbyes. Some kids had tears in their eyes, it was really touching.

Although Hayley's class was done with school, the rest of the kids still had one final day of school. And that day there was also an assembly for the end of the year awards. Only a few kids from each class are selected for these awards and I am proud to say that Hayley was one of them. She received the Active Learner Award! It an award for students that always come to class ready to learn and always pay attention. Yeah Hayley!!

Again, Hayley had an awesome year in kindergarten. She made wonderful friends and is looking forward to seeing them again next year. I also got to know some of the parents since we spent so much time together in the classroom. I am looking forward to working with them again next year. However, it is summer and I'm also looking forward to a little off time with my kids. The weather has been a little chilly for this time of year, but hopefully that will improve. There are really only 10 weeks left until the start of the next school year, it will be here before we know it.

June 15, 2010

Baby Jack

After the craziness of the day before and about five hours of sleep, it was time to get up. Hayley's fever had broke, but she needed to stay home from school and rest. Whatever she had the day before took a lot out of her. We were all ready to head to the hospital, we kissed the girls goodbye and left them with my Mom.

We arrived at the hospital at 7am and headed to triage to get checked in for my c-section. Everything went very smoothly, they got me on the monitor right away, I answered a bunch of questions for the nurse and then again for the anesthesiologist and got my IV placed. The nurse was awesome with the IV and didn't blow my vein like the nurse I had with Ryan. We also had a student nurse shadowing us; he was a little nervous at first, but loosened up as things proceeded. Soon it was time to head to the recovery room and get ready to go into the operating room. My OB was already there and came in to greet us. After he left us, I had to drink this horrible liquid to neutralize anything in my stomach. I don't know how to describe it, it's like a sour lemonade that is a little sweet. Best taken down like a shot. It made me incredibly nauseous. Uhh!

The time came for me in head into the OR and have my spinal placed. Now this is nerve racking, but the anesthesiologist was awesome and it was pretty quick and painless. It's funny how fast it hits and such a weird feeling. You can feel yourself try to move something, but nothing happens. It's also another thing that made me nauseated, but again my anesthesiologist was awesome and there with a tray. Bummer I had to meet my baby with funky breathe.
Soon things were in place and Jonas came in to join me after my OB was all set. My OB is like a legend, all the nurses love him and talk about how smart he is and fast he is in surgery. Don't get me wrong, he is awesome and we wouldn't have my last two babies without him. It just always cracks me up to hear other people talk about him. My OB got started, all while telling a story about me selling his daughter her crib at Babies R' Us and other various tales. Minutes later, it was time, it's a boy and one of the best sounds ever: Jack's first cry. I looked over to see him; since everyone was telling me how beautiful he was and all the black hair he had, but the nurses were kinda in the way. I was also trying to tell Jonas to take pictures since he seemed to be in some kind of a daze while looking a Jack. I couldn't really talk all that well, I'm not sure why, something to do with the surgery and all. But the anesthesiologist heard me and told him for me.

Finally, they handed Jack over to Jonas and he brought him over. Uh, these moments are so hard to describe, but I was in love. He looked just like his sisters and had a full head of black hair. He was so beautiful and he was mine. Jack Brady was born at 9:14am, weighed in at 7lbs. 3oz. and was 20 inches long. I still forget how small they are, it's simply amazing. Once in recovery, I was able to nurse. He latched on right away and nursed for nearly an hour. I was also thankful for some ice chips since that gross taste of vomit still lingered, sorry it was a highlight of my recovery. The student nurse even fed them to me since I was busy nursing and Jonas was calling family. When I was able to wiggle my toes they brought me up to my room.

Since Hayley had to wait another day to visit, Jonas went home to stay with the girls so my Mom could come see Jack. The student nurse even stopped by to congratulate me and thank me for allowing him to follow us through everything. My Mom and I spent the afternoon together hanging out and gazing at Jack. As much as I wanted the girls there, it was also nice to have the quiet and rest. The girls came to visit the next day and were in awe of their little brother. They both held him and loved on him. Ryan wasn't too happy with me being away from home; it made me sad, but I knew she'd get over it soon.

As for all the issues with my pregnancy, all the monitoring was well worth it. They tested Jack's cord blood and found my anti-bodies attached to his red blood cells. So, he had inherited Jonas' blood proteins. He was at a much higher risk for jaundice. My poor little man has had four heel pricks in his first week of life! Jack's levels were always right at the borderline, not high enough for the lights, but high enough for constant testing. It was worrisome seeing the whites of his eyes tinged yellow. It finally seems to be clearing up though.
At 8 days old, Jack is doing great. He gained all the weight he lost at the hospital and is above his birth weight. He even sleeps pretty well, only waking every 3 hours for feedings at night. He's a nursing champ. The girls are doing well, Hayley and Ryan both ask to hold him all the time. They are so in love with him and always concerned when he begins to cry. They are good little mommas. It was wonderful to have my Mom here with us. The girls love her so much and my Mom had a great time spoiling them. I was so glad she was here for Jack's arrival. Jonas is a proud Daddy and has been awesome while I recover. Jonas and I are both so thrilled with Jack, he has completed our family.

June 13, 2010

The Day Before: Part 2

It was a dark and stormy night. With a puke bucket in hand and wet towel on her forward, we (Lacy's Mom and I) positioned Hayley in her seat in the mini-van and high-tailed it to the E.R.

There weren't a lot of people there, so not too much of a wait. We got checked in, quickly made it the to the triage area where nurse #1 took her temp and asked her some questions:

1) Whats the problem?
2) How long has she been sick?
3) When was the last time she threw up?
4) Have you given her tylenol or ibuprofen? When?

Hayley's cute, but she's even cuter when she's sick. She loves to get pampered (like her Mommy), and makes the most of it. She immediately asked for a popsickle, some jello, and a sprite.

Oh, and she just had to tell all about how her new little brother Jack was going to be coming out of Mommy's tummy the next day. Naturally (?!) the nurse assumed my Mother-in-Law (sitting next to me) was my wife and was about to have a baby, even though she in no way looks pregnant. A couple of double-takes in (quadruple-take?), I felt the need to explain - no no, this is my mother-in-law! Her daughter, my wife, Hayley's mom, is at home and is having the baby tomorrow. The nurse just smiled and resumed her nursely duties.. still not sure if she understood.

.... an hour or so passes.

Nurse #2 (yes, a different one), comes in. Asks the same questions, while Hayley patiently answers all over again, asks again for the jello/sprite, then tells about her new baby brother, and then back to me explaining again that the woman sitting next to me is not my wife and is not pregnant with my child.

Oh, and she gets some tylenol.

... an hour or so passes.

Nurse #3. Same routine is repeated. Only this time the jello/sprite is delivered with instructions to only take small sips and such.

... an hour or so passes. In the meantime, Hayley throws up again :(

Nurse #4. Same routine. This time she also goes to the bathroom for them to collect a urine sample. They also give her some zofran to help with nausea and vomiting.

.. an hour or so passes.

Nurse #5. Same routine: questions, patient answers, awkward explanation of mother-in-law relationship.. Hayley's starting to ask when we can leave.

Urine test shows nothing out of the ordinary. They take a blood sample, from a vein in her arm.

Hayley was fascinated by this! She watched intently as they inserted the needle, moved it around for a minute or so before they could get the blood to start flowing into the vial, and commented how the needle thing looks like an airplane (it did! kinda). Anyway, I was super proud how brave she was (is).

.. an hour or so passes.

Finally, nurse practitioner (nurse #6) comes in and tells us blood test shows nothing either. Her temp is still a little high. They want her to eat and drink the jello/sprite and make sure doesn't throw it up.

.. an hour or so passes.

She still hasn't thrown up, thank goodness! We finally get to see the on-call Doctor! We repeat the same set of questions/answers/awkward explanations.

Finally they say we can go home. Discharge instructions: give her tylenol and zofran. Thanks.

Anyways, 4 or 5 hours later, we come home. Hayley was still sick, and threw up again the next day, but at least we know she's not deathly ill. Two days later she was doing well, and was able to visit her baby brother Jack in the hospital.

The End.

June 12, 2010

The Day Before: Part 1

It was the day before Jack's scheduled arrival and I just wanted a day that would keep me busy enough while waiting out those final hours. I wanted a fun day with my girls, my Mom and Jonas. I also wanted to get all those last minute things packed and make sure my Mom had what she needed for the girls while I was away at the hospital. That all changed when Jonas checked on Hayley over night and thought that she felt warm. Warm!??! No, she can not get sick today of all days. I checked on her a little while later and much to my dismay, she was definitely running a fever. I grabbed the thermometer and waited for the beep. It read 102.2. Not cool!

We medicated her with some ibuprofen and let her go back to sleep. A little while later, we were all up and about. Hayley was still warm (temp - 99.8), but seemed to be doing alright. I made some homemade waffles for breakfast and watched in shock as Hayley ate nearly two huge waffles. I thought for sure her fever must have been a fluke and she'd be fine for school tomorrow and well enough to come to the hospital. WRONG! As time passed, she seemed to get worse and worse. I was planning a quick trip to the Farmer's Market and Hayley had no interest in accompanying my Mom and I. Not even for her beloved pink cookie. She just wanted to lay down in her bunk bed and wasn't even interested in watching a movie. Her fever was also beginning to climb higher.

So, my Mom, Ryan and I were off to the Farmer's Market with hopes that Hayley would improve. After one more stop at the grocery store, we returned home. Hayley had no interest in the pink cookie I bought for her or her allowance. (She's saving for a new DS game.) She instructed me to put her money in her wallet and went back to her nap. It was time for another dose of Ibuprofen. Unfortunately, less than five minutes later she grabbed her trash can and threw-up. NO!!! I was already keeping my distance since my c-section was hours away and now I really had to stay away from my sick girl. Thank goodness for Jonas and my Mom being able to comfort her.

We moved her downstairs to the living room and started a movie. She was in and out of sleep and was just plain miserable. After some time had passed, I let her sip a little water every fifteen minutes. She asked for some Gatorade and allowed her to drink less than an ounce. And sadly, again, she threw up. We just let her rest and decided to try again later. It was around four in the afternoon and I decided to check her temperate. Beep, 104.4! NO! I immediately called her pediatrician and explained the situation. Her doctor said the best thing was to go to the emergency room. I stayed home with Ryan while Jonas, my Mom and Hayley were off to the ER.

It was not at all pleasant staying home and not being able to be at the hospital with Hayley. I also had to finish packing for the hospital and get a few more things together for my Mom. It was a stressful night with too many things to get done. I also had no idea what was wrong with Hayley and didn't know what we would do if she had to stay at the hospital. Ryan kept me busy and entertained, she can always make me smile or laugh when I'm stressed. Again, since I wasn't able to go to the hospital with Hayley, I will let Jonas tell the rest of the story.

June 2, 2010

Ryan's ABC's

Just wanted to include a little video of miss Ryan singing her ABC's. She sings them super fast, I tried to get her to slow down for the video, but she wouldn't. Oh well, it's cute either way!


Hayley's First Presentation

Wow, things start earlier and earlier these days! Hayley had homework all throughout kindergarten this year; I don't remember having homework in kindergarten! It amazes me how well Hayley is reading and writing. She is also great with math as well. It's crazy to me that she's nearly done with her first year of school and how well she has done in her first year. Jonas and I are so proud of her.

Over the last month, each child in Hayley's class was given a book on an animal or insect. Hayley and another student received a book about butterflies. Jonas was really good about going through the book with Hayley and helping her learn all about her favorite insect. Hayley's class also has third grade reading buddies that also helped the kinders with their books and collecting different facts about their subject. After all their research, Hayley and her partner made a mini Power Point presentation, with the help of a parent teacher, to present to the class.

I video taped the presentation, in two parts because we had to pause in the middle of the girls' presentation. Sorry it's a little shaky because I also had to keep an eye on miss Ryan! And the sound isn't the greatest, but the girls both did a really good job!

Part 1


Part 2

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