June 12, 2010

The Day Before: Part 1

It was the day before Jack's scheduled arrival and I just wanted a day that would keep me busy enough while waiting out those final hours. I wanted a fun day with my girls, my Mom and Jonas. I also wanted to get all those last minute things packed and make sure my Mom had what she needed for the girls while I was away at the hospital. That all changed when Jonas checked on Hayley over night and thought that she felt warm. Warm!??! No, she can not get sick today of all days. I checked on her a little while later and much to my dismay, she was definitely running a fever. I grabbed the thermometer and waited for the beep. It read 102.2. Not cool!

We medicated her with some ibuprofen and let her go back to sleep. A little while later, we were all up and about. Hayley was still warm (temp - 99.8), but seemed to be doing alright. I made some homemade waffles for breakfast and watched in shock as Hayley ate nearly two huge waffles. I thought for sure her fever must have been a fluke and she'd be fine for school tomorrow and well enough to come to the hospital. WRONG! As time passed, she seemed to get worse and worse. I was planning a quick trip to the Farmer's Market and Hayley had no interest in accompanying my Mom and I. Not even for her beloved pink cookie. She just wanted to lay down in her bunk bed and wasn't even interested in watching a movie. Her fever was also beginning to climb higher.

So, my Mom, Ryan and I were off to the Farmer's Market with hopes that Hayley would improve. After one more stop at the grocery store, we returned home. Hayley had no interest in the pink cookie I bought for her or her allowance. (She's saving for a new DS game.) She instructed me to put her money in her wallet and went back to her nap. It was time for another dose of Ibuprofen. Unfortunately, less than five minutes later she grabbed her trash can and threw-up. NO!!! I was already keeping my distance since my c-section was hours away and now I really had to stay away from my sick girl. Thank goodness for Jonas and my Mom being able to comfort her.

We moved her downstairs to the living room and started a movie. She was in and out of sleep and was just plain miserable. After some time had passed, I let her sip a little water every fifteen minutes. She asked for some Gatorade and allowed her to drink less than an ounce. And sadly, again, she threw up. We just let her rest and decided to try again later. It was around four in the afternoon and I decided to check her temperate. Beep, 104.4! NO! I immediately called her pediatrician and explained the situation. Her doctor said the best thing was to go to the emergency room. I stayed home with Ryan while Jonas, my Mom and Hayley were off to the ER.

It was not at all pleasant staying home and not being able to be at the hospital with Hayley. I also had to finish packing for the hospital and get a few more things together for my Mom. It was a stressful night with too many things to get done. I also had no idea what was wrong with Hayley and didn't know what we would do if she had to stay at the hospital. Ryan kept me busy and entertained, she can always make me smile or laugh when I'm stressed. Again, since I wasn't able to go to the hospital with Hayley, I will let Jonas tell the rest of the story.

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