June 13, 2010

The Day Before: Part 2

It was a dark and stormy night. With a puke bucket in hand and wet towel on her forward, we (Lacy's Mom and I) positioned Hayley in her seat in the mini-van and high-tailed it to the E.R.

There weren't a lot of people there, so not too much of a wait. We got checked in, quickly made it the to the triage area where nurse #1 took her temp and asked her some questions:

1) Whats the problem?
2) How long has she been sick?
3) When was the last time she threw up?
4) Have you given her tylenol or ibuprofen? When?

Hayley's cute, but she's even cuter when she's sick. She loves to get pampered (like her Mommy), and makes the most of it. She immediately asked for a popsickle, some jello, and a sprite.

Oh, and she just had to tell all about how her new little brother Jack was going to be coming out of Mommy's tummy the next day. Naturally (?!) the nurse assumed my Mother-in-Law (sitting next to me) was my wife and was about to have a baby, even though she in no way looks pregnant. A couple of double-takes in (quadruple-take?), I felt the need to explain - no no, this is my mother-in-law! Her daughter, my wife, Hayley's mom, is at home and is having the baby tomorrow. The nurse just smiled and resumed her nursely duties.. still not sure if she understood.

.... an hour or so passes.

Nurse #2 (yes, a different one), comes in. Asks the same questions, while Hayley patiently answers all over again, asks again for the jello/sprite, then tells about her new baby brother, and then back to me explaining again that the woman sitting next to me is not my wife and is not pregnant with my child.

Oh, and she gets some tylenol.

... an hour or so passes.

Nurse #3. Same routine is repeated. Only this time the jello/sprite is delivered with instructions to only take small sips and such.

... an hour or so passes. In the meantime, Hayley throws up again :(

Nurse #4. Same routine. This time she also goes to the bathroom for them to collect a urine sample. They also give her some zofran to help with nausea and vomiting.

.. an hour or so passes.

Nurse #5. Same routine: questions, patient answers, awkward explanation of mother-in-law relationship.. Hayley's starting to ask when we can leave.

Urine test shows nothing out of the ordinary. They take a blood sample, from a vein in her arm.

Hayley was fascinated by this! She watched intently as they inserted the needle, moved it around for a minute or so before they could get the blood to start flowing into the vial, and commented how the needle thing looks like an airplane (it did! kinda). Anyway, I was super proud how brave she was (is).

.. an hour or so passes.

Finally, nurse practitioner (nurse #6) comes in and tells us blood test shows nothing either. Her temp is still a little high. They want her to eat and drink the jello/sprite and make sure doesn't throw it up.

.. an hour or so passes.

She still hasn't thrown up, thank goodness! We finally get to see the on-call Doctor! We repeat the same set of questions/answers/awkward explanations.

Finally they say we can go home. Discharge instructions: give her tylenol and zofran. Thanks.

Anyways, 4 or 5 hours later, we come home. Hayley was still sick, and threw up again the next day, but at least we know she's not deathly ill. Two days later she was doing well, and was able to visit her baby brother Jack in the hospital.

The End.


Lacy said...

The day before all this, Hayley watched me have my blood drawn at the lab for my pre-op. She was fascinated then as well. It was also a blessing because she knew what to expect. Maybe there's a future in the medical field for her.

Drea said...

How annoying! I've always loved how you have to fill out extensive paperwork, then explain all of the exact things that you just wrote down to the nurses and then go over it all again every time someone comes in the room... very efficient. Glad she's doing better, though!

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