June 28, 2010

Happy Days

Things have just been so crazy lately, adjusting to life with three kids is easy in some ways and hard in others. Over all, it's been a welcome change in our lives. Nearly two weeks after Jack arrived, came Hayley's Spring Recital. Everything seemed to come all at once; Jack was born, Hayley's kindergarten graduation, her last day of school and her dance recital. Not to mention all the doctor's appointments for Jack, the dress rehersal, etc...

Hayley's class worked very hard on their dance and had a lot of fun along the way. A lot of that was due to her wonderful teacher, Miss Marya. It takes a lot to work with 4-6 year old girls and Miss Marya always handled it with grace and patience. Hayley always left class with a smile.

Anyways, the recital day came and the girls did wonderfully. I wasn't able to record the actual recital, but I did get the dress rehersal. Jonas and I were very proud of Hayley. Enjoy!

Hayley and Miss Marya

Hayley at the dress rehersal without her ballet slippers.


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