June 2, 2010

Hayley's First Presentation

Wow, things start earlier and earlier these days! Hayley had homework all throughout kindergarten this year; I don't remember having homework in kindergarten! It amazes me how well Hayley is reading and writing. She is also great with math as well. It's crazy to me that she's nearly done with her first year of school and how well she has done in her first year. Jonas and I are so proud of her.

Over the last month, each child in Hayley's class was given a book on an animal or insect. Hayley and another student received a book about butterflies. Jonas was really good about going through the book with Hayley and helping her learn all about her favorite insect. Hayley's class also has third grade reading buddies that also helped the kinders with their books and collecting different facts about their subject. After all their research, Hayley and her partner made a mini Power Point presentation, with the help of a parent teacher, to present to the class.

I video taped the presentation, in two parts because we had to pause in the middle of the girls' presentation. Sorry it's a little shaky because I also had to keep an eye on miss Ryan! And the sound isn't the greatest, but the girls both did a really good job!

Part 1


Part 2


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