July 31, 2010

Random Acts of Awesomeness

I'm not sure what it is, but people are rude. Not every one, but a fair share. Is chivalry gone? Maybe people are too busy checking updating their Facebook on their phone or too busy talking on their cell. I admit, I'm on my Blackberry a lot, but I always try to be polite. I never talk on my cell while I'm at a drive-thru or while dining out. Or while paying for something at a check-out, I believe that's a little rude. Sorry, it is people.

Case in point:

  • Walking into Kohl's with the kids, two younger ones in my monstrous double stroller and Hayley at my side. Two girls cut me off at the entrance, but fail to hold open the door. Are you freaking kidding me?!?! Thankfully, Hayley is always eager to help and struggles to open the heavy door herself. And I've become quit the expert at opening a door and getting through with my stroller and not letting it hit the stroller. It can be quite comical. And it's always a plus when there are those buttons for the handicapped to open the door.
  • Time; eight months pregnant and trying to make a quick trip to the Outlet Mall on a Saturday. Situation; parking is a nightmare, but we've luckily come across someone backing out. We wait patiently and turn our blinker on; you know, the universal symbol of I saw it first, it's mine and yes, we're parking there. Outcome; girl in huge white passenger van pulls in front of us as we're pulling in, almost hitting my car mind you and parks her huge*$# van there. What did I do? I yelled at her, she simply says sorry, she's late for work and we can find another spot. Uh, no! And I again, yell at her, call her a few choice names and fume. I was really tempted to waddle my way after her and yell at her manager, I still kinda wish I had. But then again, my pregnancy was stressful enough.
  • One day, while working at Babies R' Us a customer approaches. He is on his cell phone and motions for me to follow him. Seriously dude; if you need my help, get off your damn phone! I shoot him a glare and follow him to the baby food aisle. (He's still on the phone by the way.) He then points down to a jar of baby food that had been knocked down, probably by him, and had broken. He then turned away from me and glass shards- orange-vegetable puree covered spot and went about his business. He did not say one single word to me the entire time. If you can not take the time to take a break from your phone conversation and tell an employee you broke something, with actual words, you're a jerk.

Even with that, there are still kind decent people in this world. Awesome people actually. Last night, Jonas, myself and the kids went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Bellevue. It was a Friday night and we knew it would be busy. However, it was National Cheesecake Day and cheesecake was half-off. How could we possibly pass that up??? Awesome cheesecake for three-something a slice, let's go. The girls were less enthusiastic about the cheesecake. They settled for a sundae, weirdos.

Anyways, we pulled into the parking lot and began to drive around waiting for some exiting shoppers to stalk for their parking spot. Jack was also crying hysterically and would not be calmed until he was fed. So, we were a little anxious to get parked. First, we weren't having any luck due to the other people in their cars with the same idea. Just then, we saw a lady leaving, but she was heading to a row with the cars facing the opposite direction of the way we would turn in to park. You know what I mean, right? She saw us and our obvious need for parking. She motioned to me and I rolled down my window. She told me which was her car and told me she would walk slowly to it, so we had the time to head down the next row and turn around to claim the spot. I thanked her and we quickly drove off. (Hayley also scolded me for talking with a stranger.) She dawdled around and saw us driving up the row and then headed to her car. Victory!

Jonas and I both thanked her, it was really nice of her. Maybe it was the sounds of Jack crying and the anxious look of parents with a baby that would not be calmed. Maybe she was psychic and knew we wanted cheesecake. Whatever reason it was, she was awesome and did a really cool thing. It may have been small, but it's the small, nice things that matter. Thank you awesome lady at Bellevue Square, you made our night that much better!

July 29, 2010

Brina's New Give Away!

My friend, Sabrina, is the Give Away Queen. She's witty, funny and she's a great momma. I miss her. Her blog is awesome too. As the reigning Give Away Queen, I thought I would mention her latest give away. Currently she is giving away a $25 iTunes card! So, click on the link below and follow her instructions. You can follow her blog, post a link on Facebook or become a follower on Twitter. And yes, as blogging about this, I am getting another entry for this give away. I could use an iTunes card too! Anyways, here you go people.


50th Post!!!

Just a little over a year ago, this blog was started. And this is the 50th post! Mostly as a way to update family on all things Richmeier, but it's also a fun way of writing about whatever I fancy. I plan on finding more time for this blog and maybe doing one of those fun giveaways my other blogging friends do. So, to celebrate my 50th post I figured I would like 50 random things that have happened since this blog started, they're in no particular order by the way. Here we go:

  1. Hayley turned 5.
  2. Ryan turned 2.
  3. Hayley got her first backpack, from Grandma.
  4. Hayley started kindergarten.
  5. My sister and I discovered Frost doughnut! (http://www.frostology.com/)
  6. Hayley told me she wanted a baby brother named Jack, before I even conceived.
  7. I finally found a good hair stylist, but she left the salon a week later. :(
  8. She opened her own salon! (http://www.freshss.com/) Kelsie rocks!
  9. I dyed my hair black, it's no longer black. And not because I didn't like it, it just didn't work well while pregnant.
  10. I began taking a fertility medication regimen; apparently I forgot how hard it was to conceive Ryan with that stuff, that stuff is rough.
  11. Jonas got a promotion.
  12. My sister moved back down south after living with us for nearly a year.
  13. Lost my love for bubble tea after my sister moved, it was our thing.
  14. My brother had his first baby, my nephew Michal.
  15. We visited my family in Mississippi, I got really sick and had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic I was prescribed.
  16. I became pregnant with baby #3!
  17. Hayley was awarded a super bee, a few times.
  18. I had to cancel my wine club membership, see #16.
  19. Ryan started potty training and did awesomely.
  20. My pregnancy became high risk because of the presence of antibodies in my blood.
  21. Hayley performed in her first holiday concert at school.
  22. We went to Leavenworth for the first time and a second time.
  23. We took the girls to the circus for the first time ever.
  24. We also went to Disney on Ice.
  25. Jonas got an Xbox as a surprise gift from me for Christmas; infact, he's playing Dragon Age Origins on it as I write this.
  26. I quit my job at Babies R' Us because I was too sick to work, thank you baby Jack.
  27. Hayley learned to read and exceeded kindergarten expectations.
  28. I learned that ultrasounds; while normally fun and exciting, can be incredibly stressful.
  29. My oldest niece became a teenager, be afraid dear sister Michelle.
  30. Two of my navy friends moved away. :(
  31. We found out we were having a baby boy.
  32. Had cupcake cravings and only Trophy would do. (http://www.trophycupcake.com/)
  33. Ryan and Hayley got a bunk bed.
  34. Ryan slept much better once she began sharing a room with her sister!
  35. Jonas played Guitar Hero, a lot!
  36. We ate at Panera, a lot. I craved their mac and cheese. And brownies. And bread.
  37. Hayley lost her first tooth; actually, she pulled it out.
  38. Jonas was super husband/dad during my rough pregnancy.
  39. We discovered Po Dog in Seattle. (http://www.podogs.com/)
  40. I saw Reba in concert for a second time with my friend Cari and her Army wife friends.
  41. Ryan decided her favorite color was yellow and pointed out anything yellow.
  42. She still loves yellow and has a yellow purse and yellow socks.
  43. Hayley bought her last two DS games with her own money! She saved her allowance.
  44. Jack was born at term, thank you Lord.
  45. The girls discovered their love for Olivia; the show and books. (http://www.oliviathepiglet.com/)
  46. Gave birth to the 1st out of 4 babies expected on my mom's side of the family.
  47. Jack was anemic because of my antibodies. (Still is, slightly.)
  48. Jack has had 6 heel pricks since his birth.
  49. Has come to realize how hard this last year was and the toll it took.
  50. But I also look back at the joy that was there too and look forward to more good things to come.

July 23, 2010


It's always nice to have breakfast for dinner, a nice change of pace. It's like a treat. Sometimes it's biscuits and gravy or crepes; sometimes it's bacon and eggs or waffles. I'm not sure what it is about waffles, but it's something that my girls can really pack away. I'm not talking about Eggo's either. When I make waffles, I make them from scratch. Melted butter, butter milk (when I remember to pick it up) and beaten eggs whites folded in before cooking. I use my Belgium waffle iron that I received as a wedding gift. So, they're not small at all. The recipe usually yields 5 waffles.

The girls excitement begins when the mixing bowls are placed on the counter and the waffle iron in plugged in. The sit anxiously at the breakfast bar waiting for the first one. It's cute really. There is also one important things that must be done before it's time to eat the waffles. Their hair must be tied back, I swear they still manage to get syrup in their hair even with a pony tail.

The first waffle is ready and batter is poured into the iron. I prepare each of the girls one half with butter and syrup. The second waffle is almost ready; however my girls are nearly done with their first half and already asking for more. While the third waffle is cooking, the second waffle is split between Hayley and Ryan.

Finally, their waffle appetite has slowed and Jonas is able to enjoy the third waffle. I pour the batter for the into the iron for the fourth waffle and add some chopped pecans, this waffle in mine! Enough batter remains in the bowl for one more waffle and is scrapped into the iron. The fifth waffle is always questionable. I'm always good with one and so is Jonas. But the girls, well, that depends. Sometimes the fifth waffle is thrown away or out for the birds. And sometimes Hayley thinks she can eat another half. Sometimes she can and sometimes she only eats a portion of the fifth half of the waffle. Ryan is usually done before devouring an entire waffle, but has been known to munch on a quarter of the fifth waffle without butter and syrup.

So, why am I blogging about waffles. I don't know, maybe I'm bored. Although; the appetite of my children amazes me at times, whether it be a time I think they could contend in an eating contest or find myself annoyed because they should be hungrier than that. I do find their appetite and love for waffles amusing. It's always a fun meal for us. And the fate of the fifth waffle is never known until the end.

Jack sleeping during dinner.

July 16, 2010

Shark Tooth

Unlike most children, well let's just say people in general, my eldest daughter Hayley looks forward to going to the doctor or the dentist. I would have never guessed this given she used to scream as a baby when she heard her pediatrician out in the hallway. And even after a few traumatic experiences:

-January 2005- first bout of RSV, testing not an easy task.
-October 2005- second bout of RSV and Flu, again, testing not fun!!!
-August 2007- visit to the ER for stitches after tripping over Penny and literally hitting the deck.
-October 2007- Allergy testing, lots of little pricks... :(
-March 2009- visit to the ER for mystery object she stuck up her nose. Followed up by a hellish experience at an ENT doctor to remove mystery object. It took three people to hold her down! The mystery object was an earring with a back on it! She wanted a nose ring like her Aunt Dana.

Hayley never had a great relationship with her first pediatrician. I always liked him, but she seemed to always know something unpleasant was in store for her. Then we moved to Washington and found a pediatrician close to our new home. Hayley had a better relationship with the doctor back in Colorado, I didn't even care for our new one. For one, she always seemed a little nervous and kids can sense that. As a pediatrician, don't hesitate, just get whatever it is done, please. After one month of weekly doctor's visits with no relief (Hayley had a really bad sinus infection and allergies), I found a new pediatrician. A few visits in, Hayley had built a great relationship with her new doctor. And soon, her fears and anxiety dissipated. She actually looked forward to seeing the doctor, even when she was miserable. When she had her adenoids removed last year she was so brave! She handled the surgery and recovery like a champ! And at her most recent ER visit for a high fever and inability to keep anything down, she did awesome. She thought getting her blood drawn was awesome.

So, along with her affinity for her pediatrician, she also has a great relationship with her dentist. She goes to a great children's dentist, he is great with kids. Hayley's teeth are healthy, the only issue she has is that her [baby] teeth are very crowded. Jonas and I have already accepted the fact that we are going to have to fork out $6000 for braces in ten years or so. Sigh. Anyways, now that she is loosing teeth we were hoping the crowding wouldn't cause too much of a problem. Ha! Just a few weeks ago Hayley and Jonas discovered an adult tooth coming in behind two of her baby teeth. Off to the dentist we went! (Hayley was super excited for this.) We decided to pull the two baby teeth to allow her adult tooth to move forward into place. Again, Hayley was super excited for this.

A week later, we were back at the dentist for the extraction. She showed the gals at the front desk her teeth and waited with an excited anticipation. This is so not my kid, I need nitrous for a cleaning. They got her all settled into the room, I sat in the hallway to watch since they didn't want Jack in the room with the nitrous. She picked a movie to watch, they gave her a pair of sun glasses and started the nitrous. The technician worked on getting her numb, while she just watched the movie and tried to talk at the same time. The nitrous definitely made her a little loopy. After she was sufficiently numb, the dentist came in and in less than a minute both teeth were out.

After the nitrous was removed, Hayley asked when her teeth were going to be pulled. It was so funny how she was still trying to chit chat while biting down on the gauze. The dentist showed her the treasure box containing her teeth, but then she remembered she got a Popsicle and asked for a pink one. Priorities, priorities... After she was ready to get up, they gave her a couple prize tokens and she again asked if they had pulled her teeth. They showed her a mirror this time. She seemed to examine her lip more, she was convinced it had to be bigger since it felt so funny. She then came to show me her tokens and picked out a couple prizes from the egg machine. And then she turned to me, Popsicle drool coming down her chin, and again asked if her teeth had been pulled. Laughing, I showed her the teeth in her mini treasure box. I also handed her Jack's burp cloth.

She finally got it and was excited about the Tooth Fairy's visit. And told everyone. I figured she would want to go home and rest, but no, she was giddy. Drool and all. I took her home to chill for a little while. She decided she wanted to watch the movie she was watching at the dentist and was on the couch waiting for her lip return to normal. Later on, we had to run into Lynnwood for a few things and she showed everyone her newly vacated space in her mouth. And reminded everyone that they were pulled by the dentist, she did not lose them. Finally we were home, bedtime came and she fell asleep an hour or so later.

Sometime during the night, before Jonas and I went to bed, the Tooth Fairy came and left her a surprise. And at 5:30am she was awake to show me what the Tooth Fairy had left. A pack of bubble gum to blow bubbles (as Hayley would say) and two $5 bills! He pays big when the dentist is involved. She also realized that she had enough money to purchase the DS game she had been saving for. So, of course, we took her to Walmart for her new game. There was even some money left over, she's decided to save for another DS game. Go figure. She's very disiplined at saving her money, especially once she's decided what she wants to spend it on.

So, even with Hayley's uncanny excitement when it comes to anything medical or dental; I can't complain. I can be nervous for her, like any parent is for their child. It makes things a lot easier for the both of us. Hopefully, Ryan and Jack can learn from Hayley's fearlessness. Jonas and I are very proud of her, she handled the shark tooth vs. baby teeth awesomely. She rocked it.

Ready for the movie!


She couldn't smile since her lip was numb.

I had to hold her lip down to get the picture, she drooled on me a little.

You can see the adult tooth is much further back than the other one.

July 14, 2010

One Month In

It's been a little over a month since Jack joined our family. We're now a table for five! So far things have gone wonderfully. I took Jack to the pediatrician to get weighed because he just seemed so much bigger than his sisters were at that age. I was right! At 5 weeks, Jack weighed in at 10lbs, 11oz and was 22 inches long. At two weeks, Jack was 7lbs, 15oz. At 2 months, Ryan weighed 10lbs, 10oz. and Hayley weighed even less. He's definitely a chunk.
As for all the blood issues; I have to take Jack back to the hospital for another blood draw next week. We're hoping his hematocrit has gone up and he is no longer anemic. I hope so, I am not a fan of having his little foot pricked. I also feel like I am torturing him with those iron/vitamin drops. I even sampled the blackish Flintsone vitamin liquid myself, let's just say I gagged a little.

Jack is also very much loved by his sisters. He cries, they run to see what is wrong with him. Ryan loves to help me when I give him a bath, she likes to comb his hair. Hayley is very helpful with diapers and grabbing things for me while I'm nursing him. They love to hold him, even though they tire of it after a couple minutes. And they always feel the need to kiss and hug him at the most inopportune times. Examples: When Jack is napping in his swing or bouncy seat, when I'm holding him and he's nearly asleep or, my personal favorite to annoy me the quickest, when he's nursing. It's a little difficult to nurse a baby when one of his sisters is trying to climb on me or him to give him a kiss. Let's just say; Jack's very spoiled by his sisters and smothered at times.
Jonas was on leave from work for five weeks. The last week was awesome because summer finally arrived in the Northwest. We spent a day at the park and another morning at the beach. Jack didn't enjoy the heat so much, neither did I honestly. Once the temperature rises past 85 degrees, I don't enjoy it so much after that. Thankfully, it doesn't get that hot too often here. Now, Jonas is back to work and I'm home with the kids. So far, it's going well. We even ventured to Walmart one day!

As for me, I'm doing well. Life with three kids is wonderful and exhausting, but I wouldn't change anything. I'm still healing from everything. I still find myself achy at times and hope that dissipates soon. Jack only wakes a couple times through the night to nurse, so thankfully I am able to get some sleep. I'm also getting anxious to lose baby weight and get into shape. It's cliche, I know, but I'm ready. We're not having any more babies, so no more excuses. I just haven't figured out how I want to do it yet.

After this first month, things are going well and we still have a couple of months before Hayley is back to school. Jonas' family is coming to visit next week, his Grandmother is even coming! It's a big deal because she is flying and she's never flown before. Then it will be times for the girls' birthdays. Hopefully we can get a few more days in at the beach and some Seattle excursions.

Brand New!

1 week old

11 days

Jack and the girls

4 weeks

5 weeks

July 8, 2010

Mountain Get-a-Way

One day, Jonas asked me if I was interested in taking a mini-vacation with the kids and getting out of the house. I think he was getting bored of being a house husband and needed a break. Don't get me wrong, it was well deserved. Even before Jack was born, Jonas took on a lot of the house responsibilities since my pregnancy was so hard. He cooked, cleaned, did the laundry, took care of the girls and took care of me. And then, Jack arrived and Jonas was busy caring for the girls while I recovered from my c-section and took care of our newborn baby boy. He even accompanied Hayley on a school field trip two days after Jack arrived. Jonas is awesome. My Mom calls him a saint. Enough said. :)

So, since Jack was only three weeks old we decided not to venture too far. Leavenworth it was. We really enjoyed it there last year and the girls loved it too. It only takes a couple hours to drive there. We stayed at the same hotel, The Enzian Inn. The girls love their pools and they have an awesome breakfast. It's a great hotel, I highly recommend it!

We had a busy morning before we were even on our way. We had a couple stops in town and in Lynnwood. After listening to Hayley complain about it all, we were finally on our way there. It's a beautiful drive up the mountain, you drive along a river most of the way. We finally arrived to our hotel and got checked in and got to our pool side room. We hadn't even been there an hour and the girls were in their bathing suits ready to swim! Jack and I hung out in our room and napped.

Most of our trip was spent either in the pool (the girls and Jonas) or walking through the town of Leavenworth. Since I was still recovering from surgery, it was a little difficult to do as much as I would have liked. I also didn't get to enjoy any of the wineries since Jack is nursing too frequently for alcohol. Still, it was nice to be somewhere away from home. We didn't have to cook or clean, we just got to spend time together and have fun. We tried a new restaurant this time too, Gustav's. It was so good, just a burger, sandwich, brat place. And we ate at Visconti's again, Italian in a German town, oh well. It's so good too.

It was a short trip, but it was a lot of fun. It was nice to get away after the crazy stressfulness of my pregnancy and Jack's arrival. Even though Jack and I spent a lot of time resting, it was nice to see Jonas and the girls have so much fun in the pool or playing outside. I think they needed it. And I'm sure we'll be off to Leavenworth again and I will get to enjoy a nice glass of Riesling.

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