July 29, 2010

50th Post!!!

Just a little over a year ago, this blog was started. And this is the 50th post! Mostly as a way to update family on all things Richmeier, but it's also a fun way of writing about whatever I fancy. I plan on finding more time for this blog and maybe doing one of those fun giveaways my other blogging friends do. So, to celebrate my 50th post I figured I would like 50 random things that have happened since this blog started, they're in no particular order by the way. Here we go:

  1. Hayley turned 5.
  2. Ryan turned 2.
  3. Hayley got her first backpack, from Grandma.
  4. Hayley started kindergarten.
  5. My sister and I discovered Frost doughnut! (http://www.frostology.com/)
  6. Hayley told me she wanted a baby brother named Jack, before I even conceived.
  7. I finally found a good hair stylist, but she left the salon a week later. :(
  8. She opened her own salon! (http://www.freshss.com/) Kelsie rocks!
  9. I dyed my hair black, it's no longer black. And not because I didn't like it, it just didn't work well while pregnant.
  10. I began taking a fertility medication regimen; apparently I forgot how hard it was to conceive Ryan with that stuff, that stuff is rough.
  11. Jonas got a promotion.
  12. My sister moved back down south after living with us for nearly a year.
  13. Lost my love for bubble tea after my sister moved, it was our thing.
  14. My brother had his first baby, my nephew Michal.
  15. We visited my family in Mississippi, I got really sick and had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic I was prescribed.
  16. I became pregnant with baby #3!
  17. Hayley was awarded a super bee, a few times.
  18. I had to cancel my wine club membership, see #16.
  19. Ryan started potty training and did awesomely.
  20. My pregnancy became high risk because of the presence of antibodies in my blood.
  21. Hayley performed in her first holiday concert at school.
  22. We went to Leavenworth for the first time and a second time.
  23. We took the girls to the circus for the first time ever.
  24. We also went to Disney on Ice.
  25. Jonas got an Xbox as a surprise gift from me for Christmas; infact, he's playing Dragon Age Origins on it as I write this.
  26. I quit my job at Babies R' Us because I was too sick to work, thank you baby Jack.
  27. Hayley learned to read and exceeded kindergarten expectations.
  28. I learned that ultrasounds; while normally fun and exciting, can be incredibly stressful.
  29. My oldest niece became a teenager, be afraid dear sister Michelle.
  30. Two of my navy friends moved away. :(
  31. We found out we were having a baby boy.
  32. Had cupcake cravings and only Trophy would do. (http://www.trophycupcake.com/)
  33. Ryan and Hayley got a bunk bed.
  34. Ryan slept much better once she began sharing a room with her sister!
  35. Jonas played Guitar Hero, a lot!
  36. We ate at Panera, a lot. I craved their mac and cheese. And brownies. And bread.
  37. Hayley lost her first tooth; actually, she pulled it out.
  38. Jonas was super husband/dad during my rough pregnancy.
  39. We discovered Po Dog in Seattle. (http://www.podogs.com/)
  40. I saw Reba in concert for a second time with my friend Cari and her Army wife friends.
  41. Ryan decided her favorite color was yellow and pointed out anything yellow.
  42. She still loves yellow and has a yellow purse and yellow socks.
  43. Hayley bought her last two DS games with her own money! She saved her allowance.
  44. Jack was born at term, thank you Lord.
  45. The girls discovered their love for Olivia; the show and books. (http://www.oliviathepiglet.com/)
  46. Gave birth to the 1st out of 4 babies expected on my mom's side of the family.
  47. Jack was anemic because of my antibodies. (Still is, slightly.)
  48. Jack has had 6 heel pricks since his birth.
  49. Has come to realize how hard this last year was and the toll it took.
  50. But I also look back at the joy that was there too and look forward to more good things to come.

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