July 29, 2010

Brina's New Give Away!

My friend, Sabrina, is the Give Away Queen. She's witty, funny and she's a great momma. I miss her. Her blog is awesome too. As the reigning Give Away Queen, I thought I would mention her latest give away. Currently she is giving away a $25 iTunes card! So, click on the link below and follow her instructions. You can follow her blog, post a link on Facebook or become a follower on Twitter. And yes, as blogging about this, I am getting another entry for this give away. I could use an iTunes card too! Anyways, here you go people.



Making Macready's said...

Thanks Lacy, I miss you too! I'm sad that I didn't get to meet Jack :(

I see you changed your layout! It looks nice.

Lacy said...

You're very welcome. I know, but I know ya'll had to get going!

Thanks, I still need to change a few things, but I like it!

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