July 14, 2010

One Month In

It's been a little over a month since Jack joined our family. We're now a table for five! So far things have gone wonderfully. I took Jack to the pediatrician to get weighed because he just seemed so much bigger than his sisters were at that age. I was right! At 5 weeks, Jack weighed in at 10lbs, 11oz and was 22 inches long. At two weeks, Jack was 7lbs, 15oz. At 2 months, Ryan weighed 10lbs, 10oz. and Hayley weighed even less. He's definitely a chunk.
As for all the blood issues; I have to take Jack back to the hospital for another blood draw next week. We're hoping his hematocrit has gone up and he is no longer anemic. I hope so, I am not a fan of having his little foot pricked. I also feel like I am torturing him with those iron/vitamin drops. I even sampled the blackish Flintsone vitamin liquid myself, let's just say I gagged a little.

Jack is also very much loved by his sisters. He cries, they run to see what is wrong with him. Ryan loves to help me when I give him a bath, she likes to comb his hair. Hayley is very helpful with diapers and grabbing things for me while I'm nursing him. They love to hold him, even though they tire of it after a couple minutes. And they always feel the need to kiss and hug him at the most inopportune times. Examples: When Jack is napping in his swing or bouncy seat, when I'm holding him and he's nearly asleep or, my personal favorite to annoy me the quickest, when he's nursing. It's a little difficult to nurse a baby when one of his sisters is trying to climb on me or him to give him a kiss. Let's just say; Jack's very spoiled by his sisters and smothered at times.
Jonas was on leave from work for five weeks. The last week was awesome because summer finally arrived in the Northwest. We spent a day at the park and another morning at the beach. Jack didn't enjoy the heat so much, neither did I honestly. Once the temperature rises past 85 degrees, I don't enjoy it so much after that. Thankfully, it doesn't get that hot too often here. Now, Jonas is back to work and I'm home with the kids. So far, it's going well. We even ventured to Walmart one day!

As for me, I'm doing well. Life with three kids is wonderful and exhausting, but I wouldn't change anything. I'm still healing from everything. I still find myself achy at times and hope that dissipates soon. Jack only wakes a couple times through the night to nurse, so thankfully I am able to get some sleep. I'm also getting anxious to lose baby weight and get into shape. It's cliche, I know, but I'm ready. We're not having any more babies, so no more excuses. I just haven't figured out how I want to do it yet.

After this first month, things are going well and we still have a couple of months before Hayley is back to school. Jonas' family is coming to visit next week, his Grandmother is even coming! It's a big deal because she is flying and she's never flown before. Then it will be times for the girls' birthdays. Hopefully we can get a few more days in at the beach and some Seattle excursions.

Brand New!

1 week old

11 days

Jack and the girls

4 weeks

5 weeks

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Drea said...

I can't believe he's already over a month old! Time sure flies! He is such a handsome little guy and I'm glad your girls dote on him (I know all about how sweet/irritating it is when you're trying to nurse or put down a sleeping baby when a kissing sibling attacks). =) I also think it's so awesome that Jonas got to spend so much time with you before going back to work! What a blessing!

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