July 31, 2010

Random Acts of Awesomeness

I'm not sure what it is, but people are rude. Not every one, but a fair share. Is chivalry gone? Maybe people are too busy checking updating their Facebook on their phone or too busy talking on their cell. I admit, I'm on my Blackberry a lot, but I always try to be polite. I never talk on my cell while I'm at a drive-thru or while dining out. Or while paying for something at a check-out, I believe that's a little rude. Sorry, it is people.

Case in point:

  • Walking into Kohl's with the kids, two younger ones in my monstrous double stroller and Hayley at my side. Two girls cut me off at the entrance, but fail to hold open the door. Are you freaking kidding me?!?! Thankfully, Hayley is always eager to help and struggles to open the heavy door herself. And I've become quit the expert at opening a door and getting through with my stroller and not letting it hit the stroller. It can be quite comical. And it's always a plus when there are those buttons for the handicapped to open the door.
  • Time; eight months pregnant and trying to make a quick trip to the Outlet Mall on a Saturday. Situation; parking is a nightmare, but we've luckily come across someone backing out. We wait patiently and turn our blinker on; you know, the universal symbol of I saw it first, it's mine and yes, we're parking there. Outcome; girl in huge white passenger van pulls in front of us as we're pulling in, almost hitting my car mind you and parks her huge*$# van there. What did I do? I yelled at her, she simply says sorry, she's late for work and we can find another spot. Uh, no! And I again, yell at her, call her a few choice names and fume. I was really tempted to waddle my way after her and yell at her manager, I still kinda wish I had. But then again, my pregnancy was stressful enough.
  • One day, while working at Babies R' Us a customer approaches. He is on his cell phone and motions for me to follow him. Seriously dude; if you need my help, get off your damn phone! I shoot him a glare and follow him to the baby food aisle. (He's still on the phone by the way.) He then points down to a jar of baby food that had been knocked down, probably by him, and had broken. He then turned away from me and glass shards- orange-vegetable puree covered spot and went about his business. He did not say one single word to me the entire time. If you can not take the time to take a break from your phone conversation and tell an employee you broke something, with actual words, you're a jerk.

Even with that, there are still kind decent people in this world. Awesome people actually. Last night, Jonas, myself and the kids went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Bellevue. It was a Friday night and we knew it would be busy. However, it was National Cheesecake Day and cheesecake was half-off. How could we possibly pass that up??? Awesome cheesecake for three-something a slice, let's go. The girls were less enthusiastic about the cheesecake. They settled for a sundae, weirdos.

Anyways, we pulled into the parking lot and began to drive around waiting for some exiting shoppers to stalk for their parking spot. Jack was also crying hysterically and would not be calmed until he was fed. So, we were a little anxious to get parked. First, we weren't having any luck due to the other people in their cars with the same idea. Just then, we saw a lady leaving, but she was heading to a row with the cars facing the opposite direction of the way we would turn in to park. You know what I mean, right? She saw us and our obvious need for parking. She motioned to me and I rolled down my window. She told me which was her car and told me she would walk slowly to it, so we had the time to head down the next row and turn around to claim the spot. I thanked her and we quickly drove off. (Hayley also scolded me for talking with a stranger.) She dawdled around and saw us driving up the row and then headed to her car. Victory!

Jonas and I both thanked her, it was really nice of her. Maybe it was the sounds of Jack crying and the anxious look of parents with a baby that would not be calmed. Maybe she was psychic and knew we wanted cheesecake. Whatever reason it was, she was awesome and did a really cool thing. It may have been small, but it's the small, nice things that matter. Thank you awesome lady at Bellevue Square, you made our night that much better!


Making Macready's said...

It's really nice that she did that!

Dud you get raspberry lemon cheesecake? That is my favorite!!

Lacy said...

No, I tried their new one. Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate, it was soooo good.

My favorite is the Godiva Chocolate one.

Tamera said...

For every jerk, there's a person like this lady to balance them out :o)

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