July 16, 2010

Shark Tooth

Unlike most children, well let's just say people in general, my eldest daughter Hayley looks forward to going to the doctor or the dentist. I would have never guessed this given she used to scream as a baby when she heard her pediatrician out in the hallway. And even after a few traumatic experiences:

-January 2005- first bout of RSV, testing not an easy task.
-October 2005- second bout of RSV and Flu, again, testing not fun!!!
-August 2007- visit to the ER for stitches after tripping over Penny and literally hitting the deck.
-October 2007- Allergy testing, lots of little pricks... :(
-March 2009- visit to the ER for mystery object she stuck up her nose. Followed up by a hellish experience at an ENT doctor to remove mystery object. It took three people to hold her down! The mystery object was an earring with a back on it! She wanted a nose ring like her Aunt Dana.

Hayley never had a great relationship with her first pediatrician. I always liked him, but she seemed to always know something unpleasant was in store for her. Then we moved to Washington and found a pediatrician close to our new home. Hayley had a better relationship with the doctor back in Colorado, I didn't even care for our new one. For one, she always seemed a little nervous and kids can sense that. As a pediatrician, don't hesitate, just get whatever it is done, please. After one month of weekly doctor's visits with no relief (Hayley had a really bad sinus infection and allergies), I found a new pediatrician. A few visits in, Hayley had built a great relationship with her new doctor. And soon, her fears and anxiety dissipated. She actually looked forward to seeing the doctor, even when she was miserable. When she had her adenoids removed last year she was so brave! She handled the surgery and recovery like a champ! And at her most recent ER visit for a high fever and inability to keep anything down, she did awesome. She thought getting her blood drawn was awesome.

So, along with her affinity for her pediatrician, she also has a great relationship with her dentist. She goes to a great children's dentist, he is great with kids. Hayley's teeth are healthy, the only issue she has is that her [baby] teeth are very crowded. Jonas and I have already accepted the fact that we are going to have to fork out $6000 for braces in ten years or so. Sigh. Anyways, now that she is loosing teeth we were hoping the crowding wouldn't cause too much of a problem. Ha! Just a few weeks ago Hayley and Jonas discovered an adult tooth coming in behind two of her baby teeth. Off to the dentist we went! (Hayley was super excited for this.) We decided to pull the two baby teeth to allow her adult tooth to move forward into place. Again, Hayley was super excited for this.

A week later, we were back at the dentist for the extraction. She showed the gals at the front desk her teeth and waited with an excited anticipation. This is so not my kid, I need nitrous for a cleaning. They got her all settled into the room, I sat in the hallway to watch since they didn't want Jack in the room with the nitrous. She picked a movie to watch, they gave her a pair of sun glasses and started the nitrous. The technician worked on getting her numb, while she just watched the movie and tried to talk at the same time. The nitrous definitely made her a little loopy. After she was sufficiently numb, the dentist came in and in less than a minute both teeth were out.

After the nitrous was removed, Hayley asked when her teeth were going to be pulled. It was so funny how she was still trying to chit chat while biting down on the gauze. The dentist showed her the treasure box containing her teeth, but then she remembered she got a Popsicle and asked for a pink one. Priorities, priorities... After she was ready to get up, they gave her a couple prize tokens and she again asked if they had pulled her teeth. They showed her a mirror this time. She seemed to examine her lip more, she was convinced it had to be bigger since it felt so funny. She then came to show me her tokens and picked out a couple prizes from the egg machine. And then she turned to me, Popsicle drool coming down her chin, and again asked if her teeth had been pulled. Laughing, I showed her the teeth in her mini treasure box. I also handed her Jack's burp cloth.

She finally got it and was excited about the Tooth Fairy's visit. And told everyone. I figured she would want to go home and rest, but no, she was giddy. Drool and all. I took her home to chill for a little while. She decided she wanted to watch the movie she was watching at the dentist and was on the couch waiting for her lip return to normal. Later on, we had to run into Lynnwood for a few things and she showed everyone her newly vacated space in her mouth. And reminded everyone that they were pulled by the dentist, she did not lose them. Finally we were home, bedtime came and she fell asleep an hour or so later.

Sometime during the night, before Jonas and I went to bed, the Tooth Fairy came and left her a surprise. And at 5:30am she was awake to show me what the Tooth Fairy had left. A pack of bubble gum to blow bubbles (as Hayley would say) and two $5 bills! He pays big when the dentist is involved. She also realized that she had enough money to purchase the DS game she had been saving for. So, of course, we took her to Walmart for her new game. There was even some money left over, she's decided to save for another DS game. Go figure. She's very disiplined at saving her money, especially once she's decided what she wants to spend it on.

So, even with Hayley's uncanny excitement when it comes to anything medical or dental; I can't complain. I can be nervous for her, like any parent is for their child. It makes things a lot easier for the both of us. Hopefully, Ryan and Jack can learn from Hayley's fearlessness. Jonas and I are very proud of her, she handled the shark tooth vs. baby teeth awesomely. She rocked it.

Ready for the movie!


She couldn't smile since her lip was numb.

I had to hold her lip down to get the picture, she drooled on me a little.

You can see the adult tooth is much further back than the other one.

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