July 23, 2010


It's always nice to have breakfast for dinner, a nice change of pace. It's like a treat. Sometimes it's biscuits and gravy or crepes; sometimes it's bacon and eggs or waffles. I'm not sure what it is about waffles, but it's something that my girls can really pack away. I'm not talking about Eggo's either. When I make waffles, I make them from scratch. Melted butter, butter milk (when I remember to pick it up) and beaten eggs whites folded in before cooking. I use my Belgium waffle iron that I received as a wedding gift. So, they're not small at all. The recipe usually yields 5 waffles.

The girls excitement begins when the mixing bowls are placed on the counter and the waffle iron in plugged in. The sit anxiously at the breakfast bar waiting for the first one. It's cute really. There is also one important things that must be done before it's time to eat the waffles. Their hair must be tied back, I swear they still manage to get syrup in their hair even with a pony tail.

The first waffle is ready and batter is poured into the iron. I prepare each of the girls one half with butter and syrup. The second waffle is almost ready; however my girls are nearly done with their first half and already asking for more. While the third waffle is cooking, the second waffle is split between Hayley and Ryan.

Finally, their waffle appetite has slowed and Jonas is able to enjoy the third waffle. I pour the batter for the into the iron for the fourth waffle and add some chopped pecans, this waffle in mine! Enough batter remains in the bowl for one more waffle and is scrapped into the iron. The fifth waffle is always questionable. I'm always good with one and so is Jonas. But the girls, well, that depends. Sometimes the fifth waffle is thrown away or out for the birds. And sometimes Hayley thinks she can eat another half. Sometimes she can and sometimes she only eats a portion of the fifth half of the waffle. Ryan is usually done before devouring an entire waffle, but has been known to munch on a quarter of the fifth waffle without butter and syrup.

So, why am I blogging about waffles. I don't know, maybe I'm bored. Although; the appetite of my children amazes me at times, whether it be a time I think they could contend in an eating contest or find myself annoyed because they should be hungrier than that. I do find their appetite and love for waffles amusing. It's always a fun meal for us. And the fate of the fifth waffle is never known until the end.

Jack sleeping during dinner.

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