August 10, 2010

2 Month Stats

Jack had his 2 month well child visit today. I was really excited to see how big he was since he is so much bigger than the girls were at that age. Everyone tells me it's because he's a boy, but still, he's huge compared to them! Hayley was always so tall and thin as a baby; while Ryan was short and a little bit chunky. The girls weren't even wearing 0-3 month sized clothes at 2 months and Jack will soon out grow that size. Jack is tall and definitely a chunk!

Jack's 2 Month Measurements:
  • Weight: 12lbs, 8 oz - 75th percentile
  • Height: 24 inches - 80th percentile

  • Head Circumference - 16 inches - 55th percentile

Jack is one chunky baby! I love it. At 2 months, Ryan only weighed in at 10lbs, 10oz and was nearly two inches shorter. I can't find Hayley's measurements, but I remember she was just over 9 pounds, but around the same height as Jack. It's so interesting how different they are, but they also so similar as well.

As for Jack's anemia, the doctor wants to wait another 6 weeks before another blood test. Babies are normally anemic at this age, so the test would be pointless. I just have to stick with the Polyvitamin with Iron drops, ick! He's gotten used to them now and no longer tries to spit it all out. I commend Jack on that, those are nasty. So it's a little bittersweet, he still has another heel prick. Let's hope that will be the last one!

Even with my excitement to see big my boy has gotten since he was born, there was a down side. Shots. I've done this countless times now, but it still breaks my heart every time. It took him a little while to calm down; he didn't even want to nurse, although he was hungry before his check-up began. He finally calmed down and nursed for a little while. And soon, he was calm and sleepy. His sisters were anxious to leave, there were stickers and suckers to be had!

Did I mention I also had the girls with me? Jonas was even working from home. Hayley had some birthday money burning a hole in her pocket and wanted to purchase a new DS game. And miss Ryan was not about to stand being left at home by herself. The girls were pretty good though. They were very protective of their little brother during his appointment and would even caution their pediatrician to be gentle. It was very sweet.

Jack is an awesome little guy and completes our family perfectly. He's a very laid back baby, loves to be held and always has a smile on his face. He does, however, make himself heard when we wants to be fed or changed. He takes in everything around him and doesn't get too upset when his sister's are in his bubble. August is a crazy month for us, Hayley just turned 6 and Ryan will soon be 3. Jack is already two months old and back to school time will be here before we know it. I try my best to enjoy every moment, because in no time I will be writing another blog a year from now looking back. I love my family, immensely.

Waiting to be called back, poor little guy, so content.

Kisses from Ryan.

And kisses from Hayley.

Uh...why are we still here?

Sleeping at home, it was an eventful morning.

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