August 27, 2010

3 years - father's perspective

Ryan is 3 years old today! Wow.

I remember the waiting too. I remember we had a plan to try and have kid #2 when the 1st was about 2, 2-and-a-half.. We tried! Ohhhhh, how we tried. Yes, the trying was good. Mmm. ........... what? Oh, sorry.

We tried and failed to get pregnant on our own, so we went to see Dr. Sharmahd, who is a legendary O.B. And he hooked us up with some meds. They worked in the end, but they made Lacy pretty sick, and I couldn't wait until we got pregnant just so she could stop taking that stuff. Eventually we did, and I remember it was a joyful moment! Lots of jumping around and wooping and fist-pumping  and such :)
But she had to stay on some of the meds even afterwards, and she was still pretty sick through a lot of that pregnancy, which sucked. It sucked for her, and it sucked for me. I couldn't fix it, and I hate feeling helpless.

Anyway, on the day of the scheduled c-section, I remember waiting around for the doc and the anesthesiologist, but it wasn't that bad :) I was just excited to finally have the baby (well not me physically having the baby, but you know what I mean). Once the operation was started, Sharmahd was really quick! He had Ryan out before we knew it, and hearing that first cry of hers brought tears to my eyes (again)! It was a beautiful moment. I had experienced it all before with Hayley, so I wasn't as giddy, but still, was pretty excited!

The room we got to stay in this time around was fully equipped. I got a nice pull-out futon thing to sleep on, and it wasn't too bad! I still couldn't get food delivered to me, like Lacy got.. but whatevs. My mom was there to bring me fast food and such, so that was nice. I remember Hayley coming in to see Ryan for the first time. We weren't sure how she would react, but she loved the baby right away, and is the best big sister ever :)

So, though getting pregnant and getting through the pregnancy was a little rough, it came to a happy and pretty smooth ending (or beginning)! And we got our new little angel, healthy and beautiful. I love you Ryan, Happy Birthday!!

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