August 27, 2010

3 Years

There seems to be a theme when I think back about having Ryan; I waited.  I waited for Ryan.  I waited much longer than I had planned to get pregnant with her.  I had many negative pregnancy tests, but I waited.  I waited through blood tests, ultrasounds, other uncomfortable tests and many medications.  That happy day finally came after Christmas when I learned I was pregnant and I was finally glad to wait for my nine months to pass.  I went into early labor with her, but still had to wait another week before she came.  And on the day of my c-section, I waited.  That day was three years ago and that morning is still very fresh in my mind. 

My delivery day had been scheduled during the sixth month of my pregnancy and I anxiously waited for those last three months to pass.  Jonas' mother had flown in to take care of Hayley while I was away at the hospital.  Everything was ready.  I could barely sleep the night before, I remember Jonas and I waited Zodiac to kill some time since I couldn't sleep.  We never even finished it because I finally decided I was tired enough to try and sleep.  Soon, the alarm sounded at 3:00am.  We had to be there by 5:00am for my 7:00am surgery.  We got there and got settled in my room.  We were waiting to be taken downstairs for my surgery, but my OB was running late.  We waited.

We were told that this was very uncharacteristic of him and that they were usually the ones making him late.  He finally arrived, but then other issues came.  He was really only about 15-20 minutes late.  Then there was another momma in labor and she may need a c-section.  Meaning, I was going to get bumped.  Lame.  Apparently, that issue was resolved and I was finally brought into the operating room.  I was getting set-up for my spinal.  The anesthesiologist came, but was then paged from the ER.  For some reason, there was only one anesthesiologist on call.  I was brought back to the recovery room.  Again, lame.  I remained calm, but I was beginning to get really impatient and wondered how long I was going to have to wait.

Finally, the anesthesiologist issue was resolved as well and we were finally able to get started.  I was brought into the operating room, again, and set up for my spinal.  My anesthesiologist returned and started.  He complimented me on being so still and calm during my spinal.  He also told me that some women scream during the procedure.  I was just thinking; uh no, you're sticking a needle in my spine, I am going to hold still and not even breath for that matter.  And it wasn't really as bad as I had imagined.  A nurse brought Jonas in and my OB began.

My wait was finally over at 8:49am, I heard a tiny cry and the nurses telling me that it was a beautiful baby girl.  I looked at Jonas, he had a huge smile on his face.  He went over to watch the nurses clean her up and cut her cord.  All I could see were little arms and legs swinging around.  Jonas brought her over to me, she was chubbier than Hayley and she had a full head of black hair.  She weighed 6lbs 8oz and was 18 1/4 inches.  My OB said that everything went perfectly and congratulated us on our new arrival.  I was just so happy that she was finally there.

Today, Ryan is three years old.  She is spunky, clever, beautiful, sassy, determined, articulate and shy.  She's a tiny girl, but she can hold her own.  She hates to be embarrassed or pointed out, and runs to me or Jonas if that situation arises.  She's now a big sister and a little sister.  Ryan adores her big sister Hayley and loves to emulate her.  She's so loving with Jack and loves to be a little momma to him.  She evaluates situations before deciding whether or not to take part.  She love to jump and have dance parties with Hayley.  I just caught her singing, All the Single Ladies, the other day.  

Ryan loves the colors yellow and blue.  She has a love/hate relationship with the color pink.  (Probably because of Hayley's insistence that everything pink belongs to her.)  Ryan's favorite toys are her Littlest Petshops and she has a small army of them to rival Hayley's My Little Pony collection.  She also loves stickers, or "steekers" as she calls them.  When you ask her for her name, she answers with: "Ry-Ry."  And she will usually tell you no if you tell her that her name is Ryan.    

I love to hear her laugh when she is playing with Hayley.  And I love to hear her swoon over her baby brother.  She's a daddy's girl and I can't help but smile when she's cuddling with her Daddy.  It's hard not to laugh when she gets sassy.  I grew up with sisters and I am so thankful that I was given a second little girl so that Hayley would have a sister.  It melts my heart when she tells me that she needs me.  And even though it's becoming more infrequent, I love it when she comes to cuddle with me in the mornings.  In three weeks, she will be starting her first year of preschool.  Tear.  She's growing up so fast.  She's my baby girl, my "angel face" as I call her.  Happy 3rd Birthday Ryan, I love you so much.  And even though I waited for what seemed like forever, you were definitely worth the wait baby girl.                                         

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Tessa said...

I love all of these past posts. Your babies are adorable. A. Dorable. LOVE all the pictures. You are so blessed and so are they for having you for a mama.

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