August 22, 2010

Baby Boom

Last fall, I found out that I was expecting my third child. Of course, I was excited and I also wondered if I would be getting a call from my older sister, Michelle, telling me she was also expecting. Why, you ask. When I pregnant with Hayley, Michelle was pregnant with my nephew, Johnny. Hayley is older by four months. Two weeks after I found out that I was pregnant with Ryan, Michelle found out she was also pregnant. This time, Ryan was only born 9 days before my niece Brianna. Crazy huh! But, alas, my sister was done having babies. So, this time, it was just me. Boy was I wrong...

A couple months along in my pregnancy, in a matter of two weeks, I found out that three of my cousins, all hailing from my Mom's side of the family were expecting. I was due first, followed by my cousin Jared and his wife Jayme expecting their first baby, then my cousin Lesli (Jared's sister) and her husband Nam were expecting their second child and finally, my cousin Patrick and his wife Jennifer were expecting their second. Wow. My Granny was going to be one busy woman with all those baby blankets to crochet.

So, here are the four new babies born to my Mom's side of the family. They were all born in just over two months of each other, 63 days to be exact.

Jack Brady - June 7 @ 9:14am
7lbs 2.8oz - 20 inches long

Landry Reed - July 29 @ 6:59pm
8lbs 8oz - 20 3/4 inches

Anika Marie An - August 4 @ 3:26am
6lbs 14.8oz - 18 inches

Emersyn Bryleigh - August 9 @ 12:35pm
5lbs 13.8oz - 19 1/4 inches

There they all are! Aren't they adorable?! I'm excited to meet all of them in March for a family get-together. I will be sure to get a picture of them all together and post it on here. Yeah for babies and our own mini baby boom! And congratulations to Jayme, Lesli, Jennifer, their husbands and siblings on your new arrivals!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice, Lacy! Can't wait to see Granny in the middle of all those babies on her birthday!
Love ya,

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