August 3, 2010

Coupons are my Crack

My sister, Dana, told me that not too long ago. She's right, coupons are my crack. As much as I like to go out a spend a little cash, I like to save money on whatever I am purchasing too. It always a little rush to save big and spend little. I once got 10 bottles of salad dressing for free. I finally just used my last bottle of ranch from those.

I have a little mini folder thing I use to carry my coupons and they're divided by specific categories. That way I am not rummaging through my huge collection of coupons at the store. And there are specific ones that always go in my wallet; diapers, clothing stores, restaurants, etc. I get different ones in the mail, companies always send better savings than the ones in the paper. I print some from coupon websites. I also recently joined for great local savings; for example I purchased a family pass to the local Renaissance Festival for $20, normally they're $45. What a deal!

During my pregnancy, I seriously slacked on my couponing. Just never felt the need to look through the ads and clip the coupons from the Sunday paper. The one thing I was vigilant about was saving on new baby stuff for Jack and I always had coupons for those things. The girls' crib was recalled, so with my voucher and coupons, I purchased a new, much nicer crib for a little over $10. Now that things are settling down and I'm getting to feeling better and like myself; I've been getting more into sales and my coupons.

My most recent deal/steal was at Target. This week's ad featured some breakfast items, mostly notably, the cereal. I'm not a huge cereal person myself, but Jonas and the girls are cereal junkies. And I do not, normally, buy cereal without a coupon or two. The cereal was priced at 2 for $5. And once you bought four of the included items, the 5th was free. When I saw this, I realized I had two Kellogg's cereal coupons ($1 off of 2 boxes) and two Target store coupons ($1 off of two boxes). I also had two coupons for a free box of 8 count Pop-tarts with a purchase of any two Kellogg's cereals. And another Target coupon for $1 off a purchase of two Pop-tart items.

So, the cereal was $10 for 5 boxes in the beginning. However, with my coupons; I got 5 boxes of cereal and two boxes of Pop-tarts for $5. I also found cat litter on sale for $7.44 (normally $9.14) and had a $2 off coupon. And I bought some lithium batteries for my camera (normally $4.94) and I had a $1 off coupon. Oh and miss Hayley had a play date the next day and requested Mac & Cheese for lunch, $.69. No coupon, but it was on sale. My grand total was $14.62 for all of those things. I saved $17.29. Go me!

Here's my receipt

Coupons are great. It can take time to find good deals, but it's worth the time and money saved. I'm all about good deals this month; between the girls' birthdays, my nephew's birthday and two nieces' birthdays, and it's also back to school time. Finding good sales and utilizing my coupons make me and my bank account much happier. Sunday mornings you can find me going through my Sunday paper, clipping my coupons and going through store ads. (And on Tuesdays, the grocery store ads come in the mail. Albertson's usually has the best deals to use with coupons!) And again, Dana, you're right, coupons are most certainly, my crack.


Drea said...

That's awesome! I'll admit, I never use coupons. Except for diapers because I use Luv's and can't buy those at Sam's Club. I don't buy newspapers and it seems like the only coupons that come in the mail (in those irritating weekly mailers that drive me crazy because it's just more junk for me to throw away) are for brand-name items that I wouldn't spend money on anyway. How are you liking the online groupon thing?

Lacy said...

I don't always buy name brand, but there are some things that I prefer too. And coupons always help. I love groupon, I've only purchased a couple things though.

amylindsey said...

You would fit in very well here in Utah! It is the frugal capitol!! I'm serious, there are some expert shoppers here. We even have enrichment classes with the women's organization at church every now and then to help you shop wisely and stretch your dollar. It's a lot for bulk food storage too.
Here's just a few sites:

I'm with Andé I don't use coupons, I can't handle the clutter, unless it's at Costco where I don't have to bring the coupon in they do it for me,so I just do sales and price matching. It's always a great feeling to have saved more than you ended up spending on purchases!

Lacy said...

Yeah, coupons are a lot of work sometimes. I don't mind though. I do price match too.

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