August 3, 2010


It's been a little warmer than usual lately. And when driving around, Hayley likes the rear back windows vented in the back of the van. I usually just end up leaving them open unless it's going to rain. In doing this, I have apparently been inviting some guests to make my mini-van their new home.

See photos below:

We found this spider before a grocery shopping trip to Walmart. I don't know what kind of food this spider thought he was going to catch in my van. Jonas removed the spider, without killing it and put it outside. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the one I found the next day on Hayley's seat belt. She was a little frantic and that spider did not cooperate. He had to go, to spider heaven. Sorry. Don't make your web on my kid's seat beat, it freaked her out. Also, another spider got its wings when I found him on the door too close to my hand while loading my kids in the van. Sorry, again. And sorry to Jonas' gloves that were used to squish said spider. Needless to say, no more leaving the rear windows vented over night.

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Drea said...

Bleck! That makes my skin crawl. I have serious issues with spiders. A full blown, totally irrational, hyperventilate and scream and completely embarrass myself phobia. A couple of weeks ago I opened the door to go into our backyard and almost walked into a giant web that an orb spider had made stretching across the entire doorway. That spider was huge! I literally had nightmares about it.

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