August 8, 2010


I was not even aware that there was a Renaissance Festival in Washington. In fact, there are a few. The last time I went to one was our last full summer in Colorado. It's a little foolish of me to think that a thing like that was only limited to the one in Larkspur. Although, the one in Larkspur is pretty awesome and we went there multiple times. The only reason the existence of one here in Washington was brought to my attention was because of Groupon. (Yes, I've said it before, Groupon is awesome!) It's in Buckley, a town I had not heard of before. I Binged it, yes, Bing is awesome as well people. And found that it was near Sumner and that it was less than two hours away. And only $20 for a family pass. Doable!

Off we went, Jack napping and the girl's not really knowing what to expect. For those of you in Colorado, it's smaller than the one in Larkspur and not laid out the same. In fact, it's on a farm and set up like any other festival or event. Vendors booths, porta-potties, different stages, etc. The one in Larkspur is set up like a medieval village and isn't taken apart.

After we arrived, Jonas really only had one thing on his mind. A turkey leg. His favorite. We located a food vendor almost immediately and Jonas was happy. I purchased one too and it was really good. Ryan had a hot dog and Hayley refused food. She wanted to see a magician. And get some fairy wings. She sulked and begged us to shove our food down our throats are quickly as possible.

Grubbing done and off to check out some shops before the show we wanted to see began. Hayley found some cool rainbow fairy wings. Ryan refused fairy wings and a fairy crown. She was content in the stroller. We found one vendor that had something right up Ryan's ally. Ryan is a collector, she gets that from me. She likes to collect coins for her coin purse, jewelery in her box and anything small she can put in a box or pouch. This particular vendor sold a variety of pouches in different sizes and colors, wooden boxes, eggs and little plastic treasure chests. After purchasing one of those, you can then fill it with all the different goodies she had there. These included: costume jewelery, sea shells, stickers, candy, beads, gems, marbles, tops, little pirate men, eye patches, tattoos and MORE! This booth was meant for Ryan. She selected a small blue pouch and filled it up. Hayley got one as well, pink, and stuffed it to the brim. After they were done gathering their goods, we found a face painter. Again, Ryan was content with her pouch and wanted nothing to do with the face painting lady. Hayley was super excited and selected pink and red fairy make-up.

After all of that, we went and sat down for a magic show. It was fun, he was great with the kids. Hayley was even selected as a volunteer for one of his tricks! She was so excited about it and even more excited when she was rewarded with a gold beaded necklace. The smile on her face was priceless! I snuck away to the fairy place again and purchased a butterfly wand for Ryan. She wasn't thrilled about it at first, but finally played with it a little while later. We watched a juggling/danger act, he was great too. Hayley was a little confused as to why he chose to eat fire, but watched eagerly. We then mingled around the rest of the festival. Checked out the rest of the vendors and watched part of an horse show. The hill down to the horse show was steep and rocky, we were afraid of not getting our stroller back up the hill. The girls received fairy bubbles (clear marbles) from a magician, he blew them some bubbles and then presented them with a fairy bubble/marble. They loved it and stuffed their new treasure in their pouch. Soon a couple fairies passed by and complimented Hayley on her wings and face paint. And again, the girls received some small shiny stones that went straight into their pouches. They were both thrilled with all their small gifts, it was so cute to watch.

Jack napped through most of it. He wasn't thrilled with all the noise during the shows and was really too distracted to nurse. He napped or took in the sights while being escorted by his chariot during the day. We ended our day with some crepes. I picked up medallion at the silver smith before we left. The medallions were made by a contraption where a bronze coin is placed between two presses. A bell is rang, the silver smith cries; "striking!" and a weight is released from above to forge a new coin. Hayley even got to ring the bell before the silver smith struck the new coin. It looked like a guillotine, same concept really. Except I got a medallion and not a severed head.

It was a fun day, really fun. And we got to end our day by a trip to Sonic. Since moving to Washington, we've been to a Sonic in this state once before. (We always made a trip or two to one when visiting family in Colorado or down South.) Sonics are fairly new to this state and always in small towns that are far away. The closest one to our home is 50+ miles away and not somewhere we've ever ventured. Jonas and I were beyond thrilled to see one on our way to the festival. Yeah for my limeade!! While it wasn't quite the same as the one back in Colorado, it was still fun. I missed the fresh flower crowns and the hypnotist, but this one had plenty to offer. And we will return next year. Huzzah for a fun family day!

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Jonas said...

I know what it looks like - that we're horrible parents - me taking a picture while driving, with baby Jack in Lacy's lap in the passenger's seat!

Don't fret! We were parked at Sonic when I took that picture.. so you can calm down and put the phone to Social Services down too.

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