August 19, 2010

A Lost Art

After the girls' birthday party, I made sure to sit down and write a thank you note to everyone that attended their party and also to those that sent gifts in the mail. We had invited some friends from Jonas' office, so I just sent their thank you cards to work with Jonas. One of the recipients was surprised that I had taken the time to sit down and personally write each guest a thank you note. He was also touched by the gesture. I also had another friend of mine comment on it. It's just something that I've always done and never thought about.

I love going to the stores and picking out cute cards to send out. Papyrus is one of my favorite stores. ( I also have a thing for pens, I love those new Sharpie pens. ( I like sending things in the mail; small packages, birthday cards, anniversary cards, pictures, letters or something just because. I also love to send out cards for holidays other than Christmas. With just about everything done digitally these days, it's nice to get something in the mail besides a bill or junk. Someone cared enough to go out and purchase a card, put a stamp on it and send it out. It's thoughtful and sincere.

Saying thank you over an email or Facebook is fine and dandy too, but I still believe it doesn't compare to a hand written note. No offense. I'm also not a big fan of e-cards or e-vites. Again, no offense people. When someone cares enough to take their time and buy you a gift, take the time to sit down and say thank you. The recipient will be touched and know that whatever they did was truly appreciated. I spent hours after Jonas and I got married filling out thank you cards for all our gifts. After my baby showers. And after other occasions.

I still remember learning to write letters in school. Learning the different types of salutations, closings, etc. I always loved it. Hopefully my girls will pick this up from me, I involve them as much as I can. I let them help me pick out cards, put on the stamps and insert their own letters or pictures. And we always have to pick out stickers to seal the envelope. Hayley loves to write letters to her friends and grandparents. And they both love to get things in the mail. She even has a stationary set. Hayley even writes her own little notes when we send out birthday cards. Ryan likes to draw little pictures on the cards. So far, I think they're picking up on my enthusiam for it.

Early on in Jonas and I's relationship, we went through a period where it was long distance. Jonas was away in college and I was living down South. And that was during a time where one still had to pay long distance phone charges. Instant messeging was also a little more difficult being the internet was still dial-up. Remember that annoying connetion sound? If not, click this link: ( So, we kept out phone calls to twice a week and were on the internet when we could be. But we also wrote each other letters. I still have all those letters, they meant a lot then and mean a lot now. It's a tangible sign of how much we cared for one another and the faith we had in our relationship. I still love getting cards from Jonas and reading what he writes. Buying him cards is fun for me too, I like cards will short, simple sayings. That way, there's usually more room for me to write.

Even as the price of a stamps increases every year, I will still send out things in the mail. It's a way to show you care. It also makes one take time to appreciate someone else. And it's always nice to get a little something in the mail to let you know that someone cared. I will still write letters, send out cards and spend money at Papyrus. And on pens. Letter writing may be a lost art to some, but I think most people still appreciate it these days.

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Tessa said...

Totally agree! I always make my girls help with thank you cards. I like them to become familiar with being appreciative ... and how to make note of any kindness and generousity. We even like to hand deliver them, if the people are close enough. : ) You're such a good mama, Lacy. I love reading about your family.

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