August 6, 2010

Me Time

I find it funny what I will take as 'me' time. As a mom, privacy is hard to come by, most of time. The girls barge their way into the bathroom. Jack is usually in his bouncy seat in the bathroom while I shower. It's hard to stay up too late past bedtimes since the kid's have early mornings. That's okay though. I love my kids. Even when I am sleeping soundly and I hear Ryan running in; I love it when she crawls into bed with me to cuddle and soothe her troubled mind from her nightmares. Thankfully, Jack is only waking once a night to nurse, but it's always a plus to have him grin up at me before he nurses and goes back to sleep. And Hayley always comes to me when I'm in the shower to ask whatever is on her mind. Whether it's the birds and the bees, or wanting to know why she can't see Santa; it's always interesting.

Even with all the joy that comes with being a mother, some 'me' time is always welcome. And I got some of that today. It wasn't something I would plan for myself and be super pumped about, but it was something I got to do without three kids in tow. I went to the dentist, all alone. Jonas worked from home today so I could go without them. I got ready early and kept Jack up until it was almost time for me to leave. He had a full belly and was ready for a nap. Time for Mommy to leave while she can!

It was a new dentist, I wasn't a fan of my former one. And dentists usually make me really anxious. I nomrally use nitrous for a cleaning. However, I was calm and ready for whatever, and I told myself I could do it without the nitrous. And I did! No gas, although I kinda missed it. The new dentist was great and everything looked great teeth/gum wise. I survived. I also got Key Lime Pie flavored polishing paste, the flavored stuff just isn't for kids anymore. Oh, and since I was a new patient I got my choice of a Costco, Bestbuy or Target gift card. Amount: $50! (This was definitely a plus when choosing a new dentist.) I went with Target. Yeah, free stuff.

After the dentist, I still had a little time before Jack would be awake. I got a smoothie at Jamba and ran a couple errands. It was so nice to run around and not worry about getting the kids in and out of the car. It was also nice to do a little shopping without my girls asking for stuff. I was thinking about them though; being away from Jack made me a little anxious. And I did buy the girls some pink nail polish. So, it wasn't the most fun 'me' time, but it was just that. And I have a $50 gift card to spend!

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