August 16, 2010

A Party for Sisters

Since both of my girls are August babies, we decided to only throw one birthday party this year for the both of them. Frankly, I'm busy enough with Jack and the girls, getting everything together for one party was enough for me! It worked out well, the girls were actually really excited to share a party and had a lot of fun picking out things for their joint party. They picked a pink and yellow color scheme, Hayley's favorite color is pink and Ryan's is yellow. They even picked out little gifts for each other. One request that Hayley made early one was that we have Oreo cupcakes and I knew I could do that.
We had the party at our home and are lucky enough to have a couple friend's with bouncy houses! Thank you again, you know who you are!!! The weekend weather forecast was sunny, clear and HOT! Yes, the high that day was in the mid-nineties. So, we had the hose out to cool down the bouncy house and the kids. Even with the heat, the kids had tons of fun running around in the backyard and jumping in the bouncy houses. My punch bowl was refilled many times for the kids and adults! And I was worried about having leftover sherbet.

The girls were having a great time with their friends. Time for cake and ice cream. My Oreo cupcakes were a hit! I will brag, they were awesome!!! I'm so glad Hayley had the idea for it, because they turned out really well. I made the girls separate small Oreo cakes, they were cute too. And since we had Oreo cupcakes, we had to have cookies and cream icecream.

And then, it was time for presents!!! Ryan's Petshop collection grew that day. Grandma got her a huge Petshop Clubhouse. She also received a Leapster Explorer from Jonas and I. She's always wanting Hayley's DS and we thought the Leapster would be good for her. I can even download little e-books on it for her. She made Jonas open it right away and calls it her DS. She also received a huge floor puzzle and other fun toys. She loved her Tinkerbell pajama's from Mamaw. Thank goodness the recycling came a couple days later, it was full of Petshop boxes!
Hayley received some awesome things as well, Petshops, a journal kit and a shadow box she got to
paint. And thanks to Mamaw, finally some Tiana pajamas. (Her favorite Disney Princess!) Hayley is also growing up fast and loves music. She asked for in iPod. Jonas and I thought, why not, no more CD's and she takes good care of her DS. It was purple and she was thrilled. She was a little bummed it had to charge for a few hours though. After she went to bed, Jonas and I set it up on the computer and downloaded some music on it for her. The next morning she had her white headphones in and was singing and dancing around the house. She also got a docking station for it, no more CD player! (Thanks Grandma!)

It was a super fun day and we were all tired. The next day, we headed South to Fort Lewis to celebrate another birthday. It was around 100 degrees that day! It was a birthday party extravaganza weekend!! Fun and exhausting! It is still hard to believe Hayley is already 6, but it's so fun to watch her dance around and sing with her new iPod. She's so proud of it. And Ryan loves her new Petshops, especially the car for them she received. She's still learning to use the Leapster, but she's having fun with it. Ryan still has a little over a week before she's officially 3, but she had a fun party and loved sharing the day with her sister.

Jonas and I are very thankful for our friends that came to celebrate with us and the girls. And a thank you to our family that couldn't be there, but called to wish the girls a happy birthday and sent gifts. It may have been hot, really hot, but it was a lot of fun. The girls had so much fun with all their friends and loves all of their gifts. I am so glad they had fun sharing a birthday party! They told me it was the best party ever!

Oreo cupcakes!

I made these just for the girls.
Waiting to dig in after the Happy Birthday song!

Hayley's iPod!

Ryan's Leapster Explorer!

Open it Daddy!


Hayley's loot!

Ryan's loot!

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