August 25, 2010

Six Weeks

At six weeks of age, I had my children's pictures done.  Or in Jack's case, I took them.  All of them in black and white.  And always had a few in a tiny chair.  Hayley's were taken by the same photographer that photographed my wedding.  Tamera did an awesome job at my wedding and photographing my first baby.  (Check out Click Photography.)  Ryan's were done by a photographer from Our 365, the same company that took her newborn pictures at the hospital.  Not as good as Tamera, but good.  And as I stated before, I shot Jack's.  I think I did pretty well. 

So, here are two different sets of shots of all of my kiddos.  I love how you can tell how each of them was bigger in the chair shots.  And you can definitely see the similarities in my babies.  Hayley, Ryan and Jack; Mommy loves you all.

Hayley - 6 weeks
Ryan - 6 weeks
Jack - 6 weeks
Hayley - My skinny tiny baby.
Ryan - My tiny, chunkier girl.
Jack - My chunky little man.


Tamera said...

Awww, how sweet! It's neat to compare them all. Look how much more hair Jack has than his sisters! All of them are beautiful :^)


Lacy said...

I know, they each got fatter and hairier, lol!

Drea said...

I love how, in the close up pictures, you can see how strongly they resemble each other. And the chair pictures are precious! Hayley's little pose is so cute, Ryan's facial expression is darling and I just want to squeeze Jack's adorable baby belly!

Anonymous said...

So Sweet!


Anonymous said...

They are all so precious.


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