August 9, 2010

Six years - part 2

Thanks Lacy for that wonderful blog. You've inspired me to get off my lazy ass and write my own version.

Six years ago, I was sleeping soundly to the beat of Hayley's regular baby kicks, through the womb, against my back. I stirred and woke up to Lacy pacing in the predawn twilight. She wasn't sure if her water had broke.. I was about to make fun of her for peeing herself, but decided against it... wise move I think. Instead we decided to play it safe and head to the hospital.

On the way, of course, we had to stop at Burger King for some cinnabun thingies... and they were sooooooooooo slow.

Once there, it was like a hotel suite! It was awesome! The room was big and cozy, we got to watch some dvds, and just kick back, relax.. Lacy may have had a slightly different experience, drugged up and in pain and such, as she was.. But for me, it was pretty nice :)

UNTIL...... donh donh donnnnhhhh.. They rushed us up for the c-section. I didn't even get to finish watching the movie that was playing!! (Would Nemo ever be Found?? I was not to find out). I mean, c'mon! The nerve.

I got to stand by Lacy behind the curtain and watch the c-section. I tried to turn away when they did the cutting, but I wanted to catch that first glimpse of Hayley as she entered the world. And I did, and it was beatiful! I couldn't help but just start crying my eyes out (don't tell anyone). I didn't stop crying even as the nurse handed her to me, or even as I cut the umbilical cord. I only cried harder as the nurse handed me Hayley, all cleaned off and wrapped up, and continued to cry as I kissed Lacy goodbye (she was to be carted off to recovery), and carried the baby down the long stretch of hospital hallway toward our waiting crowd of family.

With tears in my eyes, a goofy smile on my face, and an even goofier bluish-greenish-yellowish hospital cap'n'gown, I proudly showed baby Hayley off to everybody there - family, friends, and complete strangers alike.

And the rest is kind've hazy. We lost the cool birthing suite, and were shoved into a closet (c-sectioners are lower class residents, apparently), where I got to sleep on a chair for the next few nights and may have suffered permanent damage to my lower back. There wasn't even a dvd player! Just a tiny little TV, on which we watched lots and lots of old sitcom reruns on TNT. And I lived those few days off the scraps of the breakfast, lunch, and dinner they served Lacy, while pretending I wasn't there. Poor poor me.. Oh yeah, and Lacy might've had it rough too, what with recovering from a major (unplanned) surgery and having a brand new infant daughter to take care and whatnot... details. ;)

And thats the story (my version) of how Hayley graced us all with her presence in this world. I love you Hayley! Happy 6th birthday!!


Lacy said...

You ate well at Penrose Jonas, you were able to order food, remember? And I recall your Mom picking you up food when I wasn't allowed to eat.! You're confusing the place where we had Ryan and Jack! Silly boy. I love you and your blog though.

Drea said...

Ha ha! It's nice to read back-to-back recollections of the night Hayley arrived! Funny how differently the husband experiences things... =)

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