August 31, 2010

Up to my Chin!

That's where Hayley wanted her hair, up to her chin.  She's been wanting to get her hair cut for the last couple months, but I wanted to wait until it was closer to the start of the school year.  That time has come and Hayley was ready to chop off about 4+ inches of her hair.  I was fine with it.  Jonas was a little nervous about the drastic change, but Hayley assured her Daddy that she'll be just as beautiful with hair up to her chin.  She was actually very stern with him about it and also told him that it was her hair.     

We headed off to Fresh Salon + Spa in Snohomish to see Kelsie.  Kelsie has been cutting my hair for the past year and she's awesome at her craft.  Hayley is also a big fan of Kelsie.  Kelsie knew of Hayley's hair intentions and was ready to make my girl happy.  Hayley was very excited to get her hair shampooed and exclaimed that it was her favorite part of getting a hair cut.  Kelsie gives a great shampoo too. 

Kelsie cut Hayley's hair with a razor that Hayley was fascinated by.  It was cooler than scissors according to Hayley.  Ryan and I sat and watched as Kelsie razored away.  I was able to snap some pictures because my friend's daughter Jessica came with me to help me out with the kids.  Thanks Jess!!  Soon, there were piles of Hayley's hair on the salon floor.  A quick blow dry later and Hayley was beaming in the mirror at her new "up-to-my-chin-do."  She loved it and so did I.  It really suits her.  Thanks Kelsie, Hayley's hair look fabulous.

Before heading home, we stopped at Simply Sweet Cupcakes afterwards for a treat.  It's kind of a tradition for us.  We used to go to a Seattle kid's salon for Hayley's haircut, but her stylist left I never liked any of the new ones we tried afterwards.  The Seattle salon was next to a local cupcake place and we always got cupcakes after a haircut.  So, it was pretty awesome when Simply Sweet Cupcakes opened a few doors down from Fresh.  I wish I had taken some pictures, but I was anxious to get home before Jack woke up to nurse.  

It's only a week away from Hayley's first day of school!  She's got a new haircut for the new year.  Her supplies have been purchased.  The only thing left to buy are a few pairs of new shoes and a few more pieces of clothing for the chilly fall weather that's already pushing summer out.  Today was very much like a typical fall day in the Northwest; chilly, windy and rainy.  I went ahead and let the girl's wear their new hoodies; I normally hide all the new stuff away in the closet until school begins.  I'm looking forward to the new school year and getting back into a good routine; however, I am planning on enjoying this last week I have with all three of my babies at home.  Before I know it, they will all be in school and I will be home alone!

Ready to cut it off!

Razor cut.

Wow, so cute!

Look at all that hair!

Blow dry!

So cute, love it!

Thanks Kelsie!!


Mommy and Daddy said...

I love it!!


Drea said...

It really suits her! She's such a pretty girl anyway but she looks especially pretty with her new, grown up hair! I hope you enjoy your last week of summer!

Anonymous said...

I love it so much. Looks like mine.

Joe and Alexis Unnerstall said...

Love it so much!!! Now the big question is what does Jonas think? Also, love the new blog background!!! xoxo

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