September 29, 2010


Like most little sisters, Ryan wants to be just like her big sister Hayley.  The most recent development involving this sibling admiration was hair.  Hayley's hair was recently chopped up to her chin and now Ryan wants a hair cut.  This is a problem.  Not for Ryan, but for me.  A pair of scissors has never had the chance to grace my baby girl's hair.  Hayley was well past three before she had her first trim.  Ryan is constantly receiving compliments on her hair.  It's long, naturally curls at the ends and is a beautiful dark blond.  It's too pretty to cut.  I can't let go.  Maybe it's hair envy.  I don't know.

It also doesn't help that Jonas encourages Ryan's hair desires.  Ryan likes to wear her hair down and she's always pushing it out of her face.  So, Jonas is always saying we should cut her hair.  Again, this is not okay with me.  I was content that the next child of mine getting their first haircut would be Jack and that's just because I want to put product in his hair.  I have dreams of my baby Jack having Patrick Dempsey hair.  

It been about a month since Hayley's hair was cut into the cute bob she is currently sporting and Ryan's been asking ever since.  I talked to Kelsie, (the best hair stylist ever) and she too, loves Ryan's locks.  I mentioned bangs and she thought they'd look cute.  I agreed, hoping it would subdue Ryan's need for a haircut.  I'm just not ready to trim those curls, because once they're cut; they'll be no more.  

So today, we ventured to Fresh Salon + Spa and saw Kelsie.  Ryan was ready, she climbed right into that chair and followed Kelsie's directions.  I snapped some pictures and soon, my baby girl was sporting her own new do.  Ryan now has bangs.  And they're super cute.  I love them.  Ryan likes her new bangs too and was very proud of her new hair cut.  Much to my dismay, she's now requesting her hair be cut up to her chin.  I blame Hayley.  

Snip, snip...
And bangs!
My pretty girl with her bangs.


Karla said...

I completely understand wanting to keep a little girls baby curls as long as possible!

Her bangs are adorable.

Theresa Mayer said...

Love the Bangs!! I agree with you, her hair is Waaaaaaaay too Beautiful to cut!!

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