September 4, 2010

Dinner Dilemma

Figuring out what to have to dinner this evening was a little difficult. We had a busy morning; went to a movie, a little shopping and ended it with some down time at home. Jonas and I decided a simple quick dinner at home was the way to go since neither of us was really in the mood to make something with a lot of preparation. We decided that spaghtetti was the answer, we had Schwans Turkey Meatballs in the freezer and making spaghetti  and heating some sauce is simple enough.  (Those meatballs are great by the way, the girls love them too!)

However; when we brought up the dinner menu to the girls, it was unacceptable.  Hayley wanted quesedillas and Ryan wanted chicken.  In my house, I am not a waitress.  I do not take orders for dinner.  I prepare one meal and everyone eats it.  Enough said.  Ryan wasn't budging on her choice, but in Hayley, I saw a little glimmer of hope for a compromise.  I was okay with making chicken, we had some nuggets in the freezer.  But no, Hayley wanted quesedillas.  After some negotiating, she finally agreed that quesedillas for lunch tomorrow, would be acceptable.  Then, just when Jonas was going to start the chicken, Hayley declared she wanted spaghetti.  And Ryan still was not budging, she wanted chicken.

Now that Hayley was insisting on spaghetti, we were at a loss.  My negotiations never mentioned spaghetti, I figured that was out from the beginning when they both declared their disdain for it earlier.  And Ryan was still not budging, chicken she cried!  And here came my idea.  We could have spaghetti and chicken, but not how Jonas and I would normally combine these two ingredients to make a meal.  We were going to use the Chicken Bites we had in the fridge.  Not so much chicken nugget like, made with unprocessed white meat.  With the chicken bites, we would make chicken Parmesan.  Yes, Chicken Parmesan with our chicken bites.  That way Ryan got her chicken and Hayley got her spaghetti.  And it was one meal. 

Dinner was alright, not as good as the chicken Parmesan I make, but it worked.  Jonas and I had faux Chicken Parmesan.  Hayley had her spaghetti, sans the sauce with some chicken.  And Ryan had the same, but with a side of ranch.  I believe that was her plan from the beginning.  She loves ranch and knows it comes with chicken.  No wonder she wouldn't budge.  Ryan just wanted some ranch all along.

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